HTC is an excellent mobile manufacturer, but it seems that the company was stumbling for the past few years. However, they did manage to get back in the competition because of their latest flagships. These mobiles offer solid battery life, unique features, attractive design, impressive camera, and top of the line specifications.

Also, to add an extra layer of security, most of the new HTC flagships come with water and dust resistance facility. All the above-mentioned features and much more are incorporated in HTC U11. If you are looking for a smartphone that has everything to offer, we suggest you get your hands on this amazing piece of technology.

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There is no doubt that HTC U11 is an outstanding phone, but like any other smartphone, U11 also has problems. There are a number of issues that are being repeatedly reported by users. In this article, we have rounded up some of the most common issues faced by users using this phone. You don’t have to worry, as with every problem we are also going to mention their corresponding solutions. In most cases, these solutions have been the shining armour for several people. So, let’s get started!

Phone not recognized on Windows 10

There are a number of users that complain that when they connect their HTC U11 to their computer running Windows 10, the phone is not recognized. If the internal storage of the phone is not recognized by the computer, it is not possible for you to transfer files and other data to your smartphone. The phone is not even recognized by the HTC Sync Manager.

Potential Solutions

  • First thing first, you need to check if the USB drivers of your phone are properly installed on your computer. Also, ensure that they are working correctly, the data cable of your phone should not be faulty. There are certain checklists for HTC mobile phone that are imperative for proper connection. You can get this list from HTC website, check if everything is checked while you are trying to connect your phone.
  • Although the first step has been effective for a number of people, there are some who still face the issues. For those people. They should check the USB port of the computer in which they are plugging the device. People are facing an issue when they are trying to plug their device into USB 3.0 port. If you have USB 2.0 port, you should try that one.
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microSD card issues

This is another common problem that U11 users are facing. Their USB card does not work. When they try to connect it, they get a message stating that the SD card is corrupt. Some even say that they see a message “SD card is unmounted” when they try to connect it to their computer.

Potential Solutions

  • If you are among the users who face the SD card is unmounted issues, you are in for a treat. The next OS update is going to resolve this issue. You if you haven’t updated please do, or if it isn’t available in your region for the time being, please hold your horses.
  • Start with connecting your SD card to another computer, if that works fine, we recommend that you make a complete backup of your data on that computer. Once done, connect it to the same computer that was giving your error previously. If you still get the error, format your SD card and then Safe Eject it by going to the Settings menu. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue. You can now transfer your files from the backup to your computer and enjoy.

Video and Audio out of Sync

A small number of users have complained that they when they are trying to watch videos especially Youtube videos and the ones sent via Whatsapp, they get stuck. Restarting the video disrupts the audio and video sync of it.

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Potential Solutions

  • There is a small possibility that the problem might be due to an old version of an app. Try updating it and see it if still persists.
  • Users have found out that wiping their cache memory seems to do the trick. When you clean it out, there is enough space for the video to load properly.

Unable to Receive Calls and Messages on Verizon

The unlocked version of the phone that is available in the US is supposed to be compatible with Verizon, but it seems that users are facing a problem, they are unable to receive calls or messages.

Potential Solutions

  • When it comes to not receiving calls, it is because of an older SIM card. We suggest that you go to Verizon and get a new SIM card of the same number. You will get this card for free and this most likely resolve your problem.
  • Swapping a SIM card will resolve the call issues, but the receiving text messages is another story. If you are among those who users, you would have to call Verizon customer service and ask them for assistance. They will then turn off the CDMA-less Provisioning, which might be the reason of blocked text messages.
  • Another reason might be that the unlocked phone is not properly activated on the desired network. Once you are done following the above-mentioned steps, you need to check the CSR and see if your phone is fully activated or not. Once it is, the phone should be working as expected.
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Headphone Jack not working

HTC is known for its outstanding audio experience including USB-C USonic earphones. It seems that when the company decided to remove the headphone jack, a number of other issues came into existence. A 3.5 mm adapter is not available so if you want to use regular headphones you can, but it seems that users have had trouble doing so. Secondly, using regular headphones while listening to music of watching video means you cannot charge your phone at the same time. This is a troublesome thing for several users.

Potential Solutions

  • For the first problem, i.e. the headphone jack adapter isn’t working. You need to keep a number of things in your mind. For starters, you need to update your firmware if it isn’t already. The first time you connect your adapter, it will give you a notification stating that the firmware needs to update. In case you have canceled that, you can easily do by official HTC website and use the HTC Audio Jack Adapter Toolkit for managing the adapter.
  • In case you do not get the update notification the first time you connect the adapter, we suggest that you delete the app. Restart your phone and try again. It often takes a couple of tries before it really works.
  • When it comes to the second option, we regret to inform you that there aren’t many options available. You can try using a Bluetooth to connect your headset or you can buy a hub with multiple USB-C ports. A hub will let you charge your phone as well lets you connect the headphones. However, there aren’t many reliable able available out there. We just hope that HTC realizes this problem and they are able to resolve this issue in their upcoming flagship smartphones.

Issue that can be resolved with the Software Update

With every OS update, users always tend to face a number of bugs. These issues mostly resolve with the new update. However, even after a couple of updates, you are still facing issues, then it is most probably is hardware technicality. You would then have to get the device replaced.

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Edge Sense

Edge sense is a new feature, most of the people do enjoy this feature. However, there are certain who complain that they would have to put extreme more pressure on the edges. Since it is a new feature, therefore it is bound to have problems. A couple of updates will eventually solve all the glitches.

Cell Standby Battery Drain

There are some users, who complain battery drainage because of call standby. However, most of the users don’t have this particular problem. So, a new update will eventually resolve this problem.

sRGB Mode

You can easily find the sRGB Mode in the Developers options, but it seems that there are some users who complain that this mode doesn’t work even when it is enabled. The worst thing is, although you enable it, the mode automatically gets disabled. A future software update is the only solution to this particular problem.


Unlike other mobile phones that support one particular assistant, with U11 you can enjoy multiple AI assistant including HTC’s own Sense Companion, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. But it seems that Alexa is disabled at the moment and it will be enabled in the upcoming update.

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Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues is among the most common issues, a large number of people tend to face Wi-Fi or Bluetooth issues when you purchase a new device. Same is the same with HTC U11.

Potential Solutions

Wi-Fi Issues

  • Turn off and on the Wi-Fi router of your phone for about 10 seconds. After that simply turn it back on and check.
  • Make sure that the power saving mode is not enabled on your phone. You can do that by going to Settings>Power Saving.
  • Analyze the channel that you are using via Wi-Fi Analyzer. If it is very crowded, we suggest that you look for another one.
  • Try forgetting the saved Wi-Fi, and then connect them again by re-entering login name and password.
  • The router firmware should be up to date.
  • Both the software and applications should be up to date.
  • Make sure that your device’s MAC address is not blocked by the router’s MAC filter. You can check your MAC address by going to Wi-Fi, Setting and Advanced.
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Bluetooth Settings

  • If you are unable to connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth, check the car’s manufacturer’s manual. Make the connection accordingly.
  • Make sure that you do not leave out any imperative step.
  • Delete all prior paired device and try to connect them again. You can do that by going to Setting>Bluetooth.
  • If you are facing the problem of multiple device connections, then you would have to wait for the future update.

Guides – Wipe Cache Partition, Boot into Safe Mode, Soft Reset, Hard Reset

Hard Reset

  1. Make sure that you have created a backup of everything important before you proceed to hard reset.
  2. To do so, go to Setting, from there you need to tap on Backup & Reset.
  3. After that search for Factory Data Reset and tap on it.
  4. If you plan to save the content present on your SD card, you need to de-select the Erase SD card option before you proceed.
  5. Then tap Reset Phone and lastly select OK.
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Hard Reset- Hardware Buttons

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Turn it back on by pressing and holding the volume down key along with the power button. Keep pressing until the phone vibrates, then you need to let go of the power button, but keep pressing the volume down button till you see a screen with blue and red text.
  3. To navigate, you should use the volume up and volume down button and select you need to use the power button.
  4. When another screen appears, navigate to the boot to recovery mode and use the power to a button to select.
  5. To clean option tap on the Wipe data/Factory Reset option.
  6. To delete all the users, Select Yes to confirm the whole operation.
  7. Once the deletion is completed, reboot the system.
  8. You can do that by going to Setting, from there to Backup and Reset and lastly tap on the Reset Phone option.
  9. Before performing a factory reset, make sure you have backed up everything you need. Reason being factory reset will remove all the data on your phone.
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Soft Reset

  1. In case the display of your U11 is off, to turn it on, you have to press the power button.
  2. While pressing and holding the power button, you need to tap on the restart option.
  3. If your device refuses to respond. You then have to press and hold the power button along with the volume down key till the phone vibrates. Then let go of the power buttons. You might have to press and hold the button for about 15 seconds.

Boot into Safe Mode

  1. If your phone is on, you need to press and hold the power button.
  2. A menu will pop-up, then press and hold the Power off option.
  3. After that, you will see the Reboot to Safe Mode and tap on it. You will then have to tap on Ok to proceed.
  4. Restart your phone back in the normal mode.
  5. You can use the hardware button to boot in the safe mode. If your phone is off, you need to press and hold the power button to turn it back on.
  6. Once you see the HTC logo on the screen, press and hold the volume down button. This will make the Safe Mode option appear at the bottom of the screen, to enter this mode, simply press on it.

Wipe Cache Partition

  1. You would have to follow the first 4 steps in the factory Reset Section.
  2. Once done, then navigate to Recovery mode. Then to Wipe Cache Partition and use the power button to select this option
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