Pokemon Go is a great game, and people are really excited about all the challenges that the game is going to offer. Recently, it seems that in order to clear stage five, you will have to catch Ditto. The question here is how to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go 2018.

We doubt any old Pokemon player might be unaware of Ditto. However, in case you are new to the game you need to learn about Ditto. A Pokémon has the ability to take on attributes and appearances of other Pokemon. Ditto was missing from the Original release of Pokemon Gen, however, later players figured out that Ditto was hiding as Magikarp, Zubat, Ratatta, and Pidgy. Later, in Gen 2 Ditto disguised itself as Hoothoot, Yanma, and Sentra and in Gen 3 as Taillow, Zigzagoon. Although later in the game, Ditto Magikarp did disappear due to the present of Shiny Magikarp. However, now it is necessary for you to find Ditto, thus it is back with a new repertoire including Whismu, Ghastly, and Gulpin.

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How to Catch Ditto: Potential Disguise in Gen 1

  1. Ghastly
  2. Zubat
  3. Ratatta
  4. Pidgy

It seems that the weather boosters have made it difficult for finding Ditto. So, your best shot is that you look for Ghastly. Reason being, it is imperative for you to catch ten Ghost-types is prerequisite for this guest.

How to catch Ditto: Pokemon Acting as Ditto 

  1. Zigzagoon
  2. Hoothoot
  3. Yanma
  4. Sentra
  5. Ghastly
  6. Zubat
  7. Ratatta
  8. Pidgy
  9. Taillow
  10. Whismur
  11. Gulpin

Why is it important to Catch a Ditto

In Spring 2018, to complete the Mystical Discovery quest, it is imperative for you to catch a Ditto and that is the 5th part of the quest. You will not be able to advance and find Mew without catching a Ditto.

An interesting thing is that you will have to catch all Pokemon because you will never know it is a Ditto until you catch it. So, yes you will have to literally catch every Pokemon that acts as a repertoire for Ditto.  If you are still thinking on the terms that Ditto might hide as a Magikarp, we can assure you that isn’t going to happen. Ditto no longer comes Magikarp in order to hide.

How to Catch Ditto: Ditto in Gen 2 Pokemon

It seems in Gen 2 Ditto can take the form of a couple of Pokemon. We did list the name below.

  1. Yanma
  2. Sentret
  3. Hoothoot
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How to Catch Ditto: Ditto in Gen 3 Pokemon

  1. Gulpin
  2. Whismur
  3. Taillow
  4. Zigzagoon

How to catch Ditto

So far we do now that Ditto disguises as a common Pokemon, so the best way to catch is the same as you would catch a regular Pokemon. Remember, there are certain common Pokemon that are hard to catch. Therefore, this does not imply that if a common Pokemon is hard to catch it is a Ditto eventually. On the contrary, there are certain smart common Pokemon running around in the game. The rest is the same, stack as many bonuses as possible and go for the curve balls.

Where can you Catch Ditto

It’s not like Dittos have any special place, they will be hiding in the very normal places disguised as normal Pokemon.  Some of the areas where you can find Ditto includes malls, parking lots, Gyms, PokeStops etc. Also, try to places that have multiple common Pokemon, there is a high possibility that one of these Pokemon is Ditto. If you come across a couple of Pidgey or two Rattata, you should catch them all. You never know one of them might turn out to be Ditto.

Catch Ditto with Lures and Incenses

There are a couple of users who were able to catch a Ditto with Incense. Another effective way to catch a Ditto is Lures. So, instead of looking everywhere, drop a few lures and incense on your favorite route.

You catch a Gulpin and it turns out to be a Ditto, so if anyone else caught the Ditto they will see the transformation as well. In short, a Pokemon that reveals itself, as a Ditto becomes a Ditto for everyone. So, if you catch a Ditto in a place, let everyone around you know as well. So, that they are also able to catch a Ditto.

Catching Ditto in Pokemon Go Plus

Yes, you can catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go Plus. The process of catching a Ditto in Pokemon Go Plus is the same as above. Dittos act like normal Pokemon, you catch normal Pokemon and they reveal themselves.

Working of Dittos in Gyms

Dittos tend to instantly transform into the Pokemon they are fighting. They even copy their attributes, however, the exact CP of the Pokemon Ditto is copying might differ. The transformation does not cause any damage. Same rules apply for a Ditto changing into another Ditto. You will have to go through a lot of trouble, but this is something that you cannot avoid.

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