Downloading third party applications have always been a troublesome thing for iPhone users. Specially a game like Pokemon Go which now you can download on iPhone without jailbreak. Yes you read it right. Now you can download latest update of Pokemon GO++ 1.61.1 IPA Hack update for iOS Devices and you won’t even need the jailbreak on your iPhone. People who have gotten their phone jailbroken, do not face these issues, however, those who still live with the limitation of iPhone tend to face this issue a lot. 

Every now and then, a game or two comes out which makes the world go crazy. Previously it was Candy Crush and now it is Pokemon. Regardless of age, gender and country people are simply in love with this game. Downloading and playing this game is not a problem for Android users, iPhone users, on the other hand, did face some issues.

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But it is not the case anymore. Last month we told you about the Pokemon Go++ 1.61.1 IPA Hack Update for iPad and iPhone without jailbreak and it was a huge success. This time there is an update and all you iPhone users are going to love it. Pokemon GO++ 1.61.1 IPA Hack update for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak is the latest sensation and read along to know how you can download and install it on your iDevice.

The latest update brings many bug fixes and enhanced game play performance along with some new and exciting features. The Pokemon storage has been upped by 1500 in capacity which is a great news for all the players out there who can now collect a lot more creatures than before. During the battles and in map view the players would experience real life weather conditions such as rain, sun, cloudy and many more which brings more life to the already larger than life mobile app game. Apart from expanded Pokemon storage, there are 50 new Pokemon that have been introduced in this update and players can collect them in various stages of the game. 


  • 1- Laptop, MACOS, Windows or OS X.
  • 2- An iPhone or iPad running with iOS9 or above.
  • 3- Updated iTunes on your personal computer.
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How to Download latest update of Pokemon GO++ 1.61.1 IPA Hack update on iPhone without jailbreak.

⦁ If you are running an old version of Pokemon on your device, you need to delete that.

⦁ Once done, the next step involves downloading and installation of Cydia Impactor.

⦁ Now download Pokemon GO++ 1.61.1 IPA file from the link below.

Download Pokemon Go IPA Hack

⦁ The next step is to connect your phone to the laptop via USB cable.

⦁ Launch Cydia Impactor on your laptop, drag Pokemon Go++ 1.61.1 IPA Hack Update file and drop that on Cydia impactor interface.

⦁ You will be required to enter you Apple Id, enter the active ID that is currently running on your iPad or iPhone

⦁ A dialogue box will prompt stating “Apple Developer Warning”, click on ‘OK’ for proceeding.

⦁ Now to go Settings >> General >> Profiles & Device Management on your iOS device.

⦁ Tap on Trust id option, you will be presented with a pop-up again, just tap on trust again and that’s it. You have the latest Pokemon GO++ 1.61.1 IPA Hack update installed in your iOS device without jailbreak your device. Enjoy Catching. 

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