Oppo’s OnePlus 5 has almost all the specifications of a smartphone and in all honesty, some of the features are pretty brilliant helping stay OnePlus 5 ahead of the other mid-range smartphone brands. Alert slider is one of those very features that make this flagship phone stand alone in the crowd of all the brands.

The default functions of an alert slider are normally set to ‘Ring’, ‘Silent’ or ‘Do not Disturb’ but this is not the case with OnePlus 5 where you can make further changes to this feature. All you have to do is to go to Settings and check the customization options. You shall find there ‘Alert slider’ option and that’s all you need to start experimenting with various options to play with.

The ‘Ring’ option is set for any type of alert on your smartphone from a call to an alarm to a message. There is not much that you can do with this option but to turn the vibration on or off when an alert comes. You may think this is not a very beneficial option but it is a big feature because many people keep their phones in the pockets and are happy to keep them on vibration instead of Ring.

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‘Silent’ gives you more liberty if you want the media volume on mute or not which is rarely the case in other smartphones. Apart from that you can also choose to turn the vibration on or off as you desire and according to the situation. 

‘Do not disturb’ option gives you a lot more choices for setting different functions on your OnePlus 5. You can choose which messages you want to read and get an alert for by choosing either ‘Favourite contacts’, ‘Contacts’, ‘None’ or ‘Anyone’. You can ignore the rest of the messages and only the ones that fall under the chosen category will be displayed to you.

Similarly you can choose when should your smartphone ring and you can do that by choosing the activities on which the phone shall ring. You can choose either events, repeat callers, meeting or etc. Not only that, you also can add your favourite contacts whose call shall always come through without any seam.

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