Game lovers are playing Pokémon Go, summer hit of Niantic Labs. This surely happens when Pokémon Go is draining their smartphone battery in short time and Pokémon Go Issues are not making them find the creatures. We have added one section in Pokémon Go Gym Problems because they’re closed starting 19th June. Here in this article you will surely be provide with all the Pokemon Go problems and fixes.

Major Pokemon Go problems and fixes:

Pokémon Go is surely a different sort of game. You do not have to take on mantle of characters of game’s stories. You are also not shifted to the new region in game’s mythos for exploring. Rather than this, you will create your very own Trainers who will explore the entire real world. All the Monuments in the neighborhood do become the PokeStops only for you for mingling with trainers. Pokémon will be appearing everywhere, from lake shores to the paths in mid of the nearest parks. All these Pokémon Go Issues surely depend on the Pokémon Go Fixes and Pokémon Go Solutions that are yet not in your smartphone. This is the only reason why Pokémon Go Issues are enough frustration to all.

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Lets move towards Pokémon Go Problems and Fixes. These Pokémon Go Fixes will surely be helpful to you. Along with the problems, here you are provided with Pokémon Go Solutions. All the Pokémon Go Fixes are easy to understand so, without wasting any more time lets proceed to all Pokémon Go Problems and Fixes to find Pokémon Go Solutions.

Capturing Creatures from Early Line Up

Capturing creatures from early line up is first from our list of major Pokemon Go problems and fixes. Pokémon Go only gives attention to the characters that have previously made debuts in the Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Red, Pokémon Silver, Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Yellow. It is expected that number of the creatures will surely increase when released at every generation but it is not confirmed by Niantic yet. As now, upcoming generations are missing.

Not even a single Pokémon Go around you

Few of the gamers are unable to see the PokeStops and Gyms around on map even game correctly installed. These are dropped by game on the map, it’s not random. All the people living in less population, will see less Gyms and PokeStops.

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Blue Screen at time of loading

Game started to stuck at the start and a blue screen used to appeared. To overcome this problem, simply hold multitasking key once when game stucks. It is a square key on right side of monitor at bottom, on the Android. Double click home key on iPhone. Game will start in few seconds.

Drainage of battery due to game

This game functions by knowing your current location for which it requires GPS sensor and Wi-Fi. This causes battery drainage. Click Poke ball at bottom of monitor. Click settings on top at right side, then click Battery saver. It will save battery. Gotta Be Mobile’s 14 Best Smartphone Portable Battery Chargers helps in extending battery pf smartphone when playing game.

Pokémon Go Doesn’t opens

Pokémon Go fails to log in sometimes. It happens when the game servers are overloaded. You need to wait until the you find space from other players to get in.

How to delete Account of Pokémon Go

Many people are not comfortable with the extra information that Pokémon Go provides. Only way left is to remove your account from game.

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Pokémon Go doesn’t Installs

Game has some specific needs. It requires Android 4.4 and 2GB of RAM. If these requirements are not fulfilled, game will create problems. On iPhone, you only require iOS 8.0 either its iPad or iPad touch.

Purchasing required Items by Gold

In case you are missing things in the account which you have purchased, Niantic advises to sign out and then sign in again in the account. Still if doesn’t works, restart your smartphone.

Pokémon Go doesn’t finds GPS

This game requires internet and GPS to know your location. If no GPS found, slack is picked by others. Few users receive the notification ”GPS Not Found”. Few people using Android don’t have this GPS technology switched on or maybe its not activated yet. Move to settings for enabling GPS tracking. Android 5.0, have switch for GPS in privacy and settings inside settings application.

You get Banned for cheating

Various players try to trick the game by showing wrong location with help of the GPS. Few create bots to catch creatures in game. This may be permanently banning you from the Pokémon Go. Niantic disclosed the banning policy in 2016 on Pokémon Go website. Game searches for cheaters and block their accounts permanently. This policy was nowhere at start but it is strictly applied now on cheating cases. Niantic blocks game working on the rooted Android phones.

Pokémon hide themselves when around you

If the gadget is missing useful hardware, game reduces performance for you to play. for good performance, get a internet connection, compass and a GPS sensor. If you don’t get these things, you will not be able to find creatures.

Trainer returns to Level 1

When you log in game, your progress is lost, you will be having two accounts according to the Niantic. Log out of game and then again log in by Trainer club account on one that you have tried before.

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Cannot change name of Trainer

If you are continuously facing problems in changing account name, this ,means your given name is already in someone’s use. Game informs that if its the case. Still if you are not able to change the name, it means you have already changed the name. Name can only be changed once in Pokémon Go.

Freezing at time of Pokémon Capturing

On iPhone, when capturing Pokémon, game freezes. Not a visible reason is seen but switching off LTE solves problem. Game can use the rest connection except LTE. Android users also  face such issues. This freezes the capturing so, check later if you still have the creature or you lost.

Server Problems of Pokémon Go

There is problem at time when millions of users try to login at same time. Before hunting new creatures, use Pokémon Go Server Status websites to look in the problems. Try playing game a bit later.

Gyms closed of Pokémon Go

Gyms of Pokémon Go stopped working on 19th of June. These are the areas where you battle your creatures with others. Company is closing them for the improvements.

Your speed is enough

The last on the list of major Pokemon Go problems and fixes is speed. When you are going fast enough, your battery and data area saved by locking down the game. If you receive the ”Going Too Fast” message, this is the reason. You can overcome this by pressing the Passenger key along message. Only do this if you are passenger.

PokeStops and gyms are the real world places for players for picking up items. Police is warning player for staying away from the stations.

These were 17 major Pokemon Go problems and fixes we piled up for you to help you win. Hope these were helpful.

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