Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are great phones, and you need to always keep them up to date.  The new leaked version of Android Oreo February Security Patch is now available for both of these phones online. These builds are not beta builds, they are simply the release candidate builds. Therefore, they are not officially pushed, but you still can enjoy them on your phone.

This leaked version does contain Android Oreo February Security Patch, however, we are not sure what all the security patch contains. As neither Samsung nor Google has posted anything regarding these security patches.

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Why Keep Yourself up to date

We do understand the need to keep yourself updated, after all, every now people are uncovering new and major vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be costly especially when you do not pay heed to them. In the past 5 months, we did come to know about some major vulnerabilities including Spectre/Meltdown, KRACK, and BlueBorne. Therefore, it is not going to be surprising if February security patches fix any critical vulnerability.

The good news is that you tend to install these builds directly from the Stock Samsung recovery and for this very reason they are safe to install. You can enjoy Android Oreo on your phone now. There are different ways of installing them, you can install using the Odin Tool. Install the tool on your smartphone and then flash the version BQL1. Ensure that you have the latest Odin tool on your Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8.

The entire process is pretty simple and effective. To start, you first need to download the files from the above link. Once you have them, you then need to place them correctly based on their names. Later, you will have to enter the Recovery mode and from there flash the update over the ADB or if it is present on the SD card of your phone. Remember, this is bound to delete everything that you have on your phone, therefore it is imperative that you create a backup.

There are different ways of creating a backup. Either you can back everything on your computer using Samsung Smartphone Switch or you can use Samsung Cloud. Below is the complete guideline on how to go about getting the latest Android security patch on your phone.

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Complete Instructions to get Android Oreo February Security Patch

  1. The first thing that you need to do place the file on the SD card of Galaxy Phone. The link for the file is given at the end.
  2. Next, launch the Odin Tool on your computer. In case you do not have the latest version, you will have to download it first. The link for Odin is also given below. In the Zip folder, there are going to be six files and 5 categories. However, you will be using only 3 of these categories.
  3. Switch off your phone and enter the Odin mode. You can do that by pressing and holding the Bixby Button along with the Volume Down button and the Power button.
  4. Now in Odin, you will have to place the corresponding files respectively, the CSC, CP, AP, BL, but do ignore the HOME_CSC. Make sure that you place nothing in UMS.
  5. Press the Start button for the process to initiate.
  6. Now sit back and see while your phone flashes the new firmware. Once done, it will reboot to the setup screen.
  7. After the setup process is done, you need to enter the Recovery Mode of your phone. You can do that by first turning it off and then pressing and holding the Volume Button, along with the Power button and Bixby button.
  8. To navigate in the recovery mode, you need to use the Volume buttons and to make the selection use the power button. Select the update from the SD card of your phone.
  9. Now select the file using the power button. The process will start now.
  10. It is going to take a couple of minutes; after the update is installed you just need to setup your phone.

That is all for installing Android Oreo February Security Patch on your Galaxy Phone.

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