Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is the latest of their Galaxy range. It arrived in year 2018 and the major improvement is the camera which has enough light to make better pictures in low light. This new arrival is expensive so losing it will surely be a major problem to you. No body would like to loose an expensive mobile like Galaxy S9. So androidiOSpack has brought in a simple yet a very useful article to help you tracking and locating Galaxy S9 in case you loose it which trust me can happen to many. So without any further a do let’s get straight into the few tips we have piled in for your in order for you to track and locate your super expensive and just recently paid Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile.

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Tracking and Locating lost Galaxy S9:

Only two ways can help you in tracking and locating lost Galaxy S9 or S9+. First one is Samsung Find my Mobile. This only supports Note and Galaxy series. Other is Android find my device. This supports Android smartphones.

Samsung find my Mobile:

It access gadgets remotely and restricts internet access and the location service. It has many features like

  • Lock Device
  • Extends Battery
  • Ring Device
  • Wipe Device
  • Unlock Device
  • Set Guardians
  • Retrieving Call Logs

Few of the above features are very helpful. You can make your cell phone ring at maximum volume. You can use the feature if your phone is silent and you cant find it. Even if your phone screen is damaged and it cant be unlocked, use  ‘Unlock My Device’ feature for accessing your data.

If you want to access your lost Galaxy S9 remotely, access your very own Samsung account, same email as for Samsung Cloud, Games or other applications that are with TouchWiz. If you used to put your number then you can surely use it too for locating Galaxy S9

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  1. Open Samsung Find My Mobile on computer or other phone.
  2. Log in with Samsung account details.
  3. When you’ve logged in, you will see some option son the right hand side that can be used to locate Galaxy S9.
  4. If your smartphone has an internet connection, or location services are on, you will find it on Google maps.

If you don’t have Samsung account on Galaxy S9 before losing it, use the other method below.

Android Find my Device:

In this procedure, you require internet connection and access to the location services on the Smartphone. A number of features are helpful by Android that will be helpful in locating Galaxy S9.

  • It allows you to ring the phone at maximum volume if its on silent mode.
  • Phone location can be seen on Google maps.
  • You can wipe the data of your phone if you can’t get the device back but your SD card will have the data.
  • You can lock your phone along a message on screen using this. If someone gets your phone, they may return it to you.
  • It tells about the battery left.

Here’s the guideline about locating your phone:

Access your Gmail account that you have used on your Samsung phone for accessing Google Play Store and other services.

  1. Firstly open the Android Find my Device on computer or phone with internet. It can be downloaded from plays tore.
  2. Log in using Gmail ID.
  3. You can see location of phone and features like Wipe, Lock and Ring.
  4. If internet is not available to your phone, or phone is switched off by thief, you will see the last location.

This is all that you can do about tracking and locating lost Galaxy S9. Hope it helps.


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