Finally, you will be able to enjoy the Fortnite update patch v4.4. it seems that the developer did not make any drastic changes in the updates. We believe they want the players to stay focused on the upcoming Fortnite Pro AM tournament. However, the Fortnite update patch v4.4 does come with a new gun, certain bug fixes and players won’t be able to use jetpacks anymore. The update does take away the jetpacks, so if you are a fan of them you are in for bad news.

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Fortnite update patch v4.4:

On Save the World Side, there are few other things coming up as well. Players will be able to enjoy new missions and a new hero is joining the game. Since players really did hate jetpacks, thus the developers decided to get rid of them. You will be able to use the new Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle. We are just hoping that you will not hate the gun as much as you hated the jetpacks. The gun uses a special heating scope in order to determine and show you your enemy’s location. The gun also helps you get to their supply drops and chests. You can find the gun in supply drops, chests or on the floor.

Another interesting fact that is part of the game is the 50v50 game mode. The return of this mode is going to bring more challenges to the game. In addition, the scoped assault rifles will be joining the pool of possible loot.

The update does bugs players were facing while searching a chest, getting out of the shopping etc. All these things are made more reliable now. Interestingly, the update comes with a new Soccer Stadium area. You will be able to find this area north of Pleasant Park. Although, at the moment the soccer stadium means nothing, but we are sure that some mission might involve the stadium. It is also in the honor of the upcoming 2018 soccer world cup.

Click here to read all the patch notes in the Fortnite update patch v4.4 update.

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