This seems to be an interesting season for one of the most famous battle royale games. Every now and then we are coming across exciting updates. It seems that the developers are trying to keep everyone on their toes. For this reason,  they now have introduced Fortnite first vehicle, shopping cart.

Yes, you heard us right. We are not getting cars, planes or ships. On the contrary, the first vehicle that the game supports is a shopping cart. This may seem interesting regarding how effective a shopping cart could be in a battle. We should have understood this when Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode introduced the idea of air, sea and land vehicles. It was but natural for Fortnite to follow the suite. Nonetheless, it did come as a surprise to many of us.

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Fortnite first vehicle, shopping cart

You will be rolling down the staircases and the hills in a stolen shopping cart. This is going to be exciting, although we still have our doubts regarding its feasibility. You will be able to enjoy the shopping cart with v3.4 update. The update will be soon out and you can download it. There are certain things that are still unclear. For instance, we don’t know whether you would need an additional player to push the shopping cart or it would propel itself using rocket boosters or something similar.

If you are thinking how to get your hands on them, at this point we believe they might drop like a jetpack. However, the idea does seem a little odd. Nonetheless, in a game like Fortnite, you can expect anything and everything. There is also a possibility that you find Fortnite first vehicle, shopping cart at certain places. Luckily, you don’t have to wait long for all these answers.  It is expected that Fortnite first vehicle, shopping cart will be out any time soon.

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