Everyone is familiar with the rivalry of two of the World’s biggest smartphone producers. Apple and Samsung have been head to head for almost a decade now. Both companies have competed each others in mobile technology and of course each of them believe that they are better than the other. We are going to talk about speed test of the recently launched flagship mobiles from these two companies. Samsung has just released Galaxy Note 8 and Apple launched a new mobile on the celebrations of its ten year, iPhone X.

Both these mobile have created a hysteria before they were launched and rightly so, as they are two of the biggest mobiles every produced on such big scale , hence there was hype. Both the companies have claimed to have launched the better, bigger and stronger smartphone. In this article, we will try to examine which mobile is actually better, bigger and stronger. And for that, we bring you the test videos of two very famous YouTube bloggers who conducted the speed test of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple’s iPhone X. 

EverythingApplePro and SuperSaf performed speed test on these to smartphones and they tried to figure out which mobile is better when it comes to speed. The bloggers tried to figure out which mobile downloads app quicker, and fast how fast they download apps from their respective memory, browser speed, benchmark speed and boot speed was also tested. 

According the the test iPhone seems to have surpassed Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on most of the occasion. iPhone X comes with an A11 Bionic chip which in every way is much more stronger than Snapdragon 835 processor of Galaxy Note 8. The only thing Samsung Note 8 seem to have surpassed iPhone X is its RAM, which is double the size than what iPhone X has. The bigger RAM is a plus for Galaxy Note 8 as it gives the edge to Samsung Note 8 users to keep more apps in cached and it doesn’t slow the mobile slow down.

The benchmark test as well as the intensive tasks and apps, iPhone X easily beats Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as its A11 Bionic turns out to be incredibly strong and powerful. 

Let have a look at the videos. 


SuperSaf TV


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