The all-new iPhone X is going a smartphone to behold. But the question here is whether it will change your life for better and take to towards the future of mobile phones? Or it is just like any other smartphone with a big screen.

We just had a device for a few minutes and it is pretty difficult for us to decide what to make of it. Telling you if the device is worth it or not within this limited time period is saying yes to marriage after the first blind date. Although we might not be able to provide you an in-debt review, we can always give you our first impression about iPhone X. So, without any further delay, we should get to the point.

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iPhone X-iPhone-Apple-Hands On- iPhone X Preview-iPhone X Features

Things that are probably going to Annoy you

You can name it what you like, but the area that is present around the front sensors and camera is a black mark on the regal screen of your iPhone X. We believe that Apple has gone a little far in the battle of bezels. The screen of iPhone has been stretched to the very edges of the device. This might be a cool effect for some, but we do believe it might have some downfalls.

You can shrink down the movie in the widescreen so that everything is visible. Doing this means that the size of the box will be as large as it is on iPhone 8 Plus. However, if you want to see in the full screen, you can do that by doubling tapping on it. This will fill the screen to its every edge, but it will cut out a tiny bit of image. An interesting thing about the phone is that the corner of the screen is slightly rounded.

In the time when all smartphones tend to look the space when put in a cover, we can argue that the black bar gives iPhone X screen a different and distinctive look. However, people like us would like to watch their movie without the little gap in the display.

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iPhone X-iPhone-Apple-Hands On- iPhone X Preview-iPhone X Features

The New Face Detection Feature in iPhone X:

Face detection feature is the signature feature of the all-new iPhone X. You will be surprised to learn that setting this up is way easier when compared to the unlocking process. The unlocking process tends to slow down, and it is one of those things that we are still thinking on. i.e. Whether it is something worth the hype or it is simply another gimmick to make iPhone X seem the phone of the future.

Attractive Additions

You can now enjoy the Portrait Mode even when using the front camera. This is perhaps an excellent addition for people who love taking a selfie. The front camera now can mimic the same shallow depth of field that the rear camera could do. The perfect thing for selfie lovers.

Oddest Security Issue

Apple believes that the face scanner is way better and secured that the fingerprint scanner. Also, they believe that you do not have an untrustworthy identical twin. The security system is not effective for children under 13. So, this is going to be disappointing for pre-teens who were planning to drop in a large sum of money on iPhone X.

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iPhone X-iPhone-Apple-Hands On- iPhone X Preview-iPhone X Features


Most Likely to be forgotten

The new Animoji feature of Apple uses the Face detection technology to animate 12 different emojis on messages including a fox, pig, unicorn and much more. However, this feature is most likely to be used by the under 13 set.  The developers will be able to see this technology and come up with some really amazing Apps.

Delightful details that you might miss

The iPhone X back has an optical layer that adds a glimmer to the glass surface. This is basically designed to work with inductive charging devices. However, if you somehow manage to break the glass on both sides, it is going to cost you much more as compared to the previous models of iPhone.

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Biggest Inconvenient

iOS 11 came out with a revamped control center, but with iPhone X things are different. To access control center in iPhone X, you will have to swipe from the top towards the button. This is going to be a little difficult as the screen is bigger, and you need to have an unusually long thumb to reach out to it. One shortcut is that you use the usability feature, and bring down the screen.

That is it! from our first impression, do let us know what you think of the phone once you get your hands on it.

iPhone X-iPhone-Apple-Hands On- iPhone X Preview-iPhone X Features

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