In case you are not interested in unlocking the bootloader of your phone or download the Android O on your Google Nexus or Pixel using the command prompt method, you can always opt for the official update. However, you would have to have an eligible device for it. To download the official over the air update, follow the steps below.

  • Start by going to the Android Beta Program Portal on your Nexus or Pixel.
  • Then you have to sign in with your Google Account.
  • Once done, look for the “Your eligible devices”.
  • If your device is on the list, then tap on Enrol device option.
  • Now all you should do is follow the on-screen instruction to download the update on your phone.

Note: Doing the above update is going to wipe your phone clean, so it is imperative that you make a backup of your data.

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How to install Android Developer Preview via command prompt

For people who are more interested in learning how to install Android Developer preview from command prompt should follow the below given guidelines.


There are a number of things that need to do before you get on with the actual process.

  • First, you need to make a backup of all your data as the update is going to delete your entire data
  • It is imperative that you have enabled the USB debugging mode.
  • Make sure that the bootloader of your phone is unlocked.
  • USB drivers of Nexus or Pixel should be installed on your computer. They should be up to date and fully integrated.
  • You need to download the Android Developer Portal.
  • Download the SDK with the latest tool and images.
  • For the procedure, you will be sending ADB and Fastboot files.

Unlocking Bootloader

As you know, it is important that the bootloader of your phone is unlocked. In case your phone does not have an unlocked bootloader, not to worry. We will teach you how to unlock your bootloader.

  1. If you are have bought your Pixel and Nexus directly from Google, you might not have a problem. As Google provides a direct way to unlock it. However, if you want to flash a software manually, this is how you should do it.
  2. Switch off your phone and turn it on by pressing and holding the volume down button along with the power button. This will reboot your phone into the bootloader mode.
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  1. Connect your phone to the PC and type the command “ .\adb devices” This will let you know if your devices are connected properly or not.
  2. Next, you need to enter “\adb devices” hit enter and then type “.\adb reboot bootloader”
  3. Look for lock state device at the bottom of the screen. This will be locked, now to unlock it enter the command “.\fastboot flashing unlock”
  4. You will see a dialogue box on your phone’ screen asking if you want to confirm the unlock. Do, it will also ask you about a factory reset, confirm that too.

Flashing Firmware Image

Once you have unlocked the bootloader, the next thing to do is to flash the Android O image on your phone.

Step 1: Go to the Factory image page and from there you need to download the latest factory image of Android O for your Google Pixel or Nexus.

Step 2: To make things easy, extract the file in the platform-tools folder in which you have the fastboot and ADB files. This way you will not have to give different paths while flashing the firmware.

Step 3: Before we proceed, ensure that your phone is still in the bootloader mode and also double check your PC connection with your phone via the command mentioned above in the how to unlock bootloader section.

Step 4: Now type the command “.\fastboot flash bootloader [bootloader file].img” and hit enter.

Step 5: Now type the command “.\fastboot -w update [image file].zip” and press Enter.

Step 6: Your phone will reboot and it might take a couple of minutes before it restarts and you can use it. But that is all, the latest firmware is flashed on your Google Pixels and Google Nexus.

Reverting the Android O installation

In case you are not happy with the early beta update, you can always go and uninstall it. To do this, all you need is compatible factory image of your preferred OS and repeat the above procedure.

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