Every now and then, a game or two comes out which makes the world go crazy. Previously it was Candy Crush and now it is Pokemon. Regardless of age, gender or country people are simply in love with this game. Downloading and playing this game is not a problem for Android users and they couldn’t wait for the latest hack of this game. 

Pokemon Go++ 0.63.0 is the latest hack available so far for Pokemon with many bug fixes and modifications. The avid players have been impatiently waiting for the update on this hack and at last Pokemon Go++ 0.63.1 has arrived with all its glory. It comes with Portuguese and Brazilian language support, that simply means more generated players. A good move by the Niantic Labs. Also another new feature is that you will be able to see your progression to your next medal tier by tapping on a medal being shown on the screen. 

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Update does not necessarily mean new Pokemons or fortified gameplay but it still is better in many ways and one should keep Pokemon Go updated at all times. 

How to download and install Pokemon Go++ 0.63.1 hack for Android:

Step 1- Pokemon Go 0.63.1 should be installed on your device.

Step 2- Go to Google playstore and download and install the Fly GPS.

Step 3- Now go to Settings >> About device >> Build number, tapping it seven times for unlocking developer’s mode.

Step 4- Again go to Settings >> Developer options >> Mock location, selecting Fly GPS from the list.

Step 5- Once again go to Settings >> Privacy and safety >> Location >> Location method. Enabling of High Accuracy and Location history is mandatory.

Step 6- Launch the Fly GPS app selecting your current location.

Step 7- Select GPS service run and finally selecting Joystick location mode.

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