Here we bring an upgraded Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.0 APK that can be installed on the Android gadgets without any required root. The latest Rootless Pixel Launcher v3 APK has arrived from AmirZ who branched formal launcher originator code along modifying this to a qualified condition for handling older gadgets and Android variants. Being Team Android, we have loved it so, Get Rootless Pixel Launcher v3 because it provides a straight forward look to the Pixel gadgets; what they feel and ability for overriding OEM Launchers on the Android Gadgets and the tablets. Hats off to AmirZ as he did not stopped at only affinity but proceeded towards it working. You may get enough information ahead about characteristic run-down of the Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.0 application along procedure for its installation.

Pixel Launcher has great affinity, its not limited to a single Android variant but adjusts to different. It supports Android Lollipop and even being branched from formal originator code, makes you able to put icons. It doesn’t needs root though.

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Characteristics of Pixel Launcher 3.0


  • Calender icons vary along date of the pack of icon you are using.
  • Icon packs are available.
  • Google Now Launcher is not exposed to app drawer.
  • Application suggestions are on top of application drawer different from real Pixel Launcher.
  • When using icon pack, these are hidden from application drawer.
  • Gadgets not having software navigation, get padding on home monitor.
  • For affinity along OEMs, themes are hardcoded for Rootless Pixel Launcher v3 look.
  • Notifications can be closed form anywhere on home monitor.
  • List of applications get resized automatically when searched.
  • Go to About then select version and get new releases in settings.
  • Save space by pressing search bar without installing Google application on phone.
  • Shortcuts are available on screen.
  • Custom size of screen is available that is automatically enabled on Gadgets.
  •  If popup is gone in the landscape, it’s still hidden.


  • If wallpaper is light, light theme is then applied.
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Nougat 7.1

  • Shortcuts will be provided if an app is pressed for long.


  • Same sizes of screen profiles as Pixel 2 Launcher had.
  • At top of home monitor, there are weather, events and date in Smart space widget.
  • Without requiring root, Google’s new Now Feed is present.
  • Voice Search and Google Wallpapers are not exposed to application drawer.
  • New search bar present at last of home monitor above application drawer. Calendar icon changes along date.
  • Changes in themes depend on wallpapers which are used.
  • Characterised icons are not available for the pre-Oreo applications.


  • Notifications can be viewed by pressing long the applications.
  • Menu of Settings make use of Oreo colours and style.
  • Notification dots are present in colour of application’s icon.


  • Google clock follows changes in the current time.
  • Google feed consumes themes like launcher.
  • Settings are available for edition of icons to home monitor when charging or installing.

How to download and install Pixel Launcher 3.0 APK without root:

  1. Download the Pixel Launcher 3.0 APK.
  2. Locate downloaded APK then open for installing it.
  3. If you’re doing it for first time, you may get a notification for enabling Unknown Source settings.
  4. Application should be installed after enabling, to Get Google Pixel.
  5. After installing, click home icon and tell which launcher you would like to use so, choose Launcher3 and Get Rootless Pixel Launcher v3 on gadget.

Hopefully this piece of information will be helpful for you. Goodluck!

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