Twitter has been one of the biggest attraction came out of internet in last decade or so. You can not miss talking about twitter if you want to talk about leading and most popular social media platforms. From the news channels breaking their news, top celebrities making their statements, and politician and policy makers making statements on it, along with tens of millions of other users tweeting away their feelings, twitter is one place for everything on social media now a days.

Twitter just release the latest update of it’s APK for Android devices with some bug issues fixed. And people don’t have to wait no longer to download it as we have brought you the exclusive APK for the latest update along with a short and simple tutorial on how to do it. So let’s get you started.  

Step 1- Install the latest APK update of Twitter 7.3.0 by clicking the link above.

Step 2 – Copy the download APK file onto your Android device. 

Step 3 – Install APK files from other sources by going into your device’s Settings >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources.

Step 4 – Initiate the installation process by checking all these options by tapping them.

Step 5 – Run Google app after the installation completion. 

That’t it. You have downloaded and installed the latest Twitter update on your Android device. 


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