Resurrection Remix Marshmallow is among our favorite ROM available. Due to its versatility, we highly recommend it. It is available for a number of devices including P9. It is basically a mixture of LineageOS along with some other popular ROMs. Due to the regular OTA updates, it is said to be one of the most stable ROMs. The current version of the ROM is based on Andriod 7.0 Marshmallow; however, it will soon be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat. In this article, we will teach you how to install P9 Android 6.0 Resurrection Remix Marshmallow Custom ROM.

USB Drivers: You need to download Huawei P9 USB drivers on your phone. Just make sure that they are the latest.

Backup: Since it is a custom ROM, after the reboot system you will lose all your data. Making a backup of everything is very important. So, before processing ensure that you have backed up everything that you want to get back on your phone.

Enable USB Debugging Mode: if you are having trouble connecting your phone with your PC, it might be because you have not enabled the USB debugging mode on your phone. So, make sure that you do that.

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How Install Huawei P9 Android 6.0 Resurrection Remix Marshmallow Custom ROM:

Below is the complete guide on the installation process, but before that please make sure you have everything that we have listed under the “To Remember” heading.

To Remember:
1- This particular tutorial is only for Android 6.0 Resurrection Remix ROM running on P9. It might not work on any other variant of the phone.
2- You should have TWRP on your phone if you want to install Resurrection Remix ROM on P9.
3- Make sure that your P9 is rooted
4- Before you enter the recovery mode, you need to perform Dalvik Cache wipe.

Complete Instructions:

Step 1- Start with downloading the Android 6.0 Resurrection Remix ROM file on your PC. This file should be for your P9.

Step 2- To mount the memory of your phone onto your computer, connect P9 with PC via USB cable.

Step 3- Now paste the Android ROM zip file that you have downloaded on your PC to your Phone memory. Make sure that you place it directly on either the internal or external memory and not in any folder.

Step 4- Switch off your P9 and also disconnect it from your computer.

Step 5- Turn it back on and get in the recovery mode by pressing and holding the power buttons along with the volume down button.

Step 6- Perform full data wipe once you enter the recovery mode. To do so, you need to navigate to the Swipe to factory reset option, and swipe it on order to proceed.

Step 7- Return to main menu and choose the zip file that you copied in Step three, flash this file.

Step 8- Swipe to confirm the installation on the next screen. Now the installation process will start.

Step 9- In case you get into any boot loops or other issues, you need to tap on the wipe dalvik/cache option.

Step 10- After the installation process, reboot your phone by selecting the Reboot System option. If you are booting for the first time it might take about 5 minutes.

That is all forks, you are done!

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