In this article we are going to guide our readers about the installation of Download & install Google Pixel 2 TWRP 3.2.0 Recovery. When Google Pixel 2 was released, there was no successful way to recover the lost contents of the phone. But with the release of TWRP 3.2.0, you can now recover and get backup of the lost or removed contents.

It has additional amazing features which includes installing custom ROMs, rooting/flashing system files and also install third party software and you will be able to root your Google Pixel 2 after the installation of custom recovery. It is simple to use as stock recovery after installation, you just have to follow some simple steps to get started.

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All the third party softwares, themes, tools, custom ROMs stated in the guide are surely provided by their original owners and we ( are not responsible if you somehow are not able to back up your data or if you damage your phone.

 Download & install Google Pixel 2 TWRP 3.2.0 Recovery Features:

Team Win’s Recovery Project or twrp3 is easy to use with full customization. We have made it with easy user interface for your ease of use and followed the recovery standards along with additional features.
You have to face no difficulty to use it as it has fully touch interface and you can every theme of it according to your choice and it is compatible with Oreo.

Pre-requisites to install  Download & install Google Pixel 2 TWRP 3.2.0 Recovery:

1- Download the latest versions of Google Pixel 2 USB Drivers from our Drivers Section. 

2- Backup your important stuff and applications, your messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, Gmail and Google Data.

3- Backup your MMS, GPRS, 3G and other phone settings by going to Settings option in your phone.

4- You can also make backup using any other custom recovery software as it makes exact copy of your existing data and settings.

5- You can resolve your phone connectivity issues by Enabling Debugging Mode in your phone.

6- To prevent any halt in installation, you should check whether your phone is charged up to 80 to 85% battery so the power doesn’t cut off.

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7- Our tutorials are basically for the factory unlocked phones, don’t try to use these steps for a locked phone unless the model is not specified by our team.

8- You need Bootloader to be unlocked.

Complete Instruction of downloading  Download & install Google Pixel 2 TWRP 3.2.0 Recovery:

Step 1: Download Fastboot/ADB depending on your Operating System and extract anywhere in your computer, from:

Step 2: Download and move the ZIP file on the root directory of your phone. Then, turn your phone OFF for further.

Step 3: Connect Pixel 2 to computer.

Step 4: Download TWRP (twrp-3.2.0-0-walleye.img) and save in the same directory as the extracted Fastboot/ADB files.

Step 5: Go to Fastboot/Bootloader Mode on Pixel 2. by pressing Volume Up + Volume Down + Power keys for a few seconds till some text appear on the screen

Step 6: Go to the same directory now as where you have Fastboot (Step1) and on Windows: Open Command Prompt. For Mac OS X and Linux, use Terminal.

Step 7: Type this command and press Enter
fastboot boot twrp-3.2.0-0-walleye.img

Step 8: Now the phone will boot into TWRP. Use the “Install” option to flash the “twrp-pixel2-installer-walleye-3.2.0-0” zip file.

You are done, now you can choose any function which you want to do.

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