The mobile phone company Meizu has just released the new firmware Flyme 6 for Android devices. The operating system has been quite popular since it launched the latest version due to the reason that it has Meizu’s stock firmware for Android devices.

By the looks the new Flyme 6 is quite pleasant and bright and looks very elegant on most of the Android mobiles. Another quality of this operating system is that it is a an open source and can be transfer to other Android device. In this tutorials we will tell you how to download and install Flyme 6 on Huawei devices. Flyme 6 is a custom ROM and you will have to use the latest TWRP recovery system to flash it on your Huawei devices.

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Before you go ahead with downloading and installing Flyme 6, it is also important to know that the operating system is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS which is an older version of Android. Although Meizu has said that Flyme 6 will be updated onto Android 7.1 Nougat quite soon. It needs new version of AOSP sources to build a Flyme framework over it which is quite complicated as Android devices and AOSP sources get updates regularly every month. 

Although we bring you a solution if you really want to try the new Flyme 6 operating system, of how to download and install it on your Huawei mobiles. 


Download Flyme 6 Operating System for Huawei Devices:

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How to install Flyme 6 ROM on Huawei Mobile:

Step 1- Transfer all the downloaded files (Huawei TRWP recovery, Flyme 6 for your specific mobile, SuperSU & GAPPS) into your device’s storage. 

Step 2- Next you will need to reboot your Huawei device in TRWP recovery. 

Step 3- Backup bull Nandroid of your last ROM.

Step 4- Format partition by clicking Wipe including  Cache, Dalvik-Cache, Data, System.

Step 5- You will see Install Option on your mobile Screen. Tap on it and select ROM from storage. Install the ROM by sliding your finger on your mobile screen.

Step 6- Apply step 5 again to flash SuperSU 2.79 SR3.

Step 7- Clean the cache in your Huawei device and restart your device.

You have successfully installed Flyme 6 on your Huawei device. Enjoy the colorful Operating system. 

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