Google has released its monthly security patch for its Pixel device and in this tutorial we are going to give you a simple and easy way of download the new update titled Android 7.1.2 NJH47B Nougat Official Factory Image update on to your Pixel devices. 

The new update comes with few previous bugs fixes and performance enhancements and improvements. Google releases a security update every month for its devices mainly focusing and fixing the issues users have been complaining about. So lets get you start on the update. 

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Before you start there are few things you should keep in check before you start this update. Let’s have a look at those first. 


  • 1- Make sure you back all your data as the update might delete all your device data.
  • 2- Download USB Drivers for Google Pixel.
  • 3- Make sure to enable USB Debugging mode before you start. 
  • 4- Make sure to have ADB & Fastboot installed on your device.
  • 5- Make sure you batter power is more than 85 percent. 
  • 6- This tutorial is Google Pixel mobile only. No other device should be tried to update with this method. 

How to update Google Pixlel to Android 7.1.2 NJH47B Nougat Official Factory Image:

Step 1- Start with downloading the Android 7.1.2 NJH47B Nougat Official Factory Image on your computer.

Step 2- Connect your PC to your 6P via USB cable. 

Step 3- Your ADB & Fastboot should be properly installed as well as configured on your system. 

Step 4- Switch off your smartphone.

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Step 5- Turn it back on by pressing and holding the Power Button along with the Volume Down and the Volume up button until you are able to see the start on top. Now your phone is in the fastboot mode.

Step 6- Download and extract the file in your system. It does not matter where you do it. After that, you need to go to thesailfish-NJH47B  and copy all the files. You then need to paste these files in the fastboot directory.

Note: if you have setup your fastboot via our tutorial, there are high chances that your fastboot directory is going to be the platform-tools located in the SDK directory of your android.

Step 7– From the factory image files, perform the below steps. These steps depend upon the operating system that you are using.
Linux: Run file “”.
Mac: Run file “” using Terminal
Window: Run file “flash-all.bat”.

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You have done your work, now wait and see until the process is finished. Once it is completed, the phone will reboot and it might take up to 5 minutes. So, you need to wait. That’s it guys, you are done. You can now enjoy the latest version of rooted android on your mobile phone.


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