Samsung Note N7000 has been released can now be updated with Android 7.1.2 NightOwl V13 Nougat Custom Firmware. This updates comes as a joy for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 holder as the official support for the device has been ended a while now. The ROM is based on LinageOS and is the best way install NightOwl V13 Nougat Custom Firmware on this old device. As this is not the official release you will need to have ClockWork Mode(TWRP, Recovery) installed and enabled on to your Samsung Galaxy Note N 7000. 

We bring you a detailed and a very comprehensive tutorial on how to to install the latest this exciting Android 7.1.2 Nougat based NightOwl V13 Nougat Custom Firmware on your Galaxy Note N7000. But before we take you to the installation process, we need you to have a look at some of the prerequisites you need to have on your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.

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Prerequisites updating Samsung Note N7000 to NightOwl V13 Nougat ROM:

1- First and most important thing to do before you go for this update is to back up all the data from your device, as this update is going to delete everything from your device. 

2- Download Samsung USB Drivers.

3- Make sure the USB Debugging is enabled on your device before you start the update. 

4- Your Note N7000 device should be charged as much as 90 percent. 

5- Make sure to have your N7000 already rooted.

6- You should have Clock Word Mod.

7- Dalvik Cache wipe is also important before commencing the installation process. 

Essential Downloads:

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How to install Android 7.1.2 NightOwl V13 Nougat Custom Firmware Samsung Note N7000:

Step 1- First off download the NightOwl V13 Android 7.1.2 ROM and Google apps from essential downloads on your personal computer.

Step 2- Connect your Galaxy Note N7000 to your personal computer via USB cable.

Step 3- Copy the  Android 7.1.2 ROM zip file and google apps file you downloaded in step 1 on to your device’s SD card root. Remember not to save it in any folder of your device. It has to b saved in the SD card of your device.

Step 4- Disconnect the USB cable from your personal computer and turn your device off.

Step 5- Turn you Note N7000 on, pressing the power & home button and volume up key altogether. This will enable the device’s Clock Work recovery mode. 

Step 6- Tap “wipe data/factory reset” from the options showing on your N 7000 screen by clicking the power button.

Step 7- Next Tap on “wipe cache partition”.

Step 8- You might as well do a dalvik wipe cache by tapping on Advance Menu and then selecting “Wipe Dalvik Cache” to save yourself from tiny errors or bootloops.

Step 9- Head back into recovery mode and select option  “install zip from SD card” by tapping on it, use your volume keys to navigate the file to the downloaded zip file of Android 7.1.2 ROM zip file you copied on your device’s SD card and start the installation process by selecting it. 

Step 10- Head back to “+++++Go Back+++++” option, tap on it and then select “reboot system now” option by tapping on it to reboot your N7000 device. 

It may take few minutes to reboot and when your phone turns back on your will have the Android 7.1.2 NightOwl V13 Nougat Custom Firmware installed on your Samsung Note N7000.

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