The owners of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935F are now able to update their devices to the latest Android 7.0 Tomato ROM Nougat Custom ROM and enjoy the features of Android Nougat operating system.. Yes, that is true and this ROM is highly stable and with all the bug fixes, fast speed and good security.

The custom ROM has been released via OTA thus making it impossible for every S7 Edge user around the globe to receive this update on their devices. Keeping that in mind, we have assembled a detailed tutorial on how to update your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to Android 7.0 Tomato ROM Nougat Custom ROM.

Prerequisite to install Android 7.0 Tomato ROM Nougat Custom ROM:

  • 1- Make sure you fully backup your data on your . As this update will wipe all your data from your device.
  • 2- Download the USB Drivers.
  • 3- Make sure you device has a custom recovery installed. 
  • 4- Your device’s bootloader has to be unlocked. 
  • 5- Dalvik Cache wipe is helpful for performing from the recovery mode. 
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  1. This update will delete all your data so make sure to back up.
  2. AndroidiOSpack will not be held responsible if something goes wrong with your device during or after the update. 

Essential Downloads:

How to update Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935F to Android 7.0 Tomato ROM Nougat Custom ROM:

Step 1- First of all download the above mentioned file in essential download on to your personal computer.

Step 2- Extract zipped ROM file and save it separately on your personal computer. 

Step 3- Connect your device with your personal computer using a USB cable.

Step 4- Copy paste the file you downloaded in first step onto your device’s SD card and not in any of your device’s folder.

Step 5-Turn your mobile off.

Step 6- Lastly you should long press the Volume up+Home+Power key for entering into Recovery mode and select ‘wipe’ and then ‘swipe to factory reset’option at the bottom.

Step 7- Next you have to go back to the menu and select ‘install’ and it will show you the zip file which you must select for the installation to commence.

Step 8- Lastly select the ‘Reboot system’ button.

That’s about it. You have downloaded Android 7.0 Tomato ROM Nougat Custom ROM onto your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935F.

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