Odin is an extremely handy software designed by Samsung for various purposes like flashing CF-Autoroot files, firmware upgrade, stock ROM, bootloaders, CSC files and the like. Samsung’s Galaxy series is fully compatible with Odin usage and the users often download Odin the moment they get their hands on one of the latest Samsung Galaxy series.

Recently Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ have been released and the newest version of Odin that is Odin 3.12.5 is in harmony with the latest flagship. There is no reason you would not wan this new version downloaded and installed in your device. The best part of owning an Android is that you can customize your phone and experiment with it to your heart’s desire. To do so, you need to root your device and for rooting the phone you are always going to need Odin. The predecessor Odin 3.12.4 was a very stable version and had fantastic features but Odin 3.12.5 has better compatibility with more devices.

Th supported operating systems (OS) with Odin 3.12.5 are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. The supported formats are *.bin, *.tar and *tar.md5 and it makes things easier if you have more formats to work with. Now without any delay, you should download latest Odin 3.12.5 from here.

ODIN 3.12.5 Download

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