At the moment TextExpander is the best text expansion third-party tool that is available for Mac. You can do a lot of things on it, to further increase its productivity, we have listed 10 amazing tips below.

Download TextExpander for Mac

Understanding the Pricing and Features of TextExpander

Yes, TextExpander has become a subscription based services, but it won’t cause a dent in your pocket if your subscribe for a year as an individual. In that case, you will have to pay just $40, that makes it $3.33/month. This amount is nothing compared to the features you get.

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Making Text Expansion Snippet

When you open the app for the first time after you done with creating an account. You will see two empty buckets, simply click on the New Snippet button. A new area will appear on the right side, here you will be able abbreviation in the bottom and content in the top. You don’t have to save it, it automatically gets updated.

Creating Simple Snippet

Let’s learn how to make a simple snippet, once we have opened the blank area now we have to type the desired content. For example, we are going to type in the content area and in the abbreviation area we will type “@a”. Now every time we type “@a” in the file, it will be automatically replaced with

TextExpander Macros

A marco is a basically a short code that starts with a percentage sign. You can find them by right clicking on the content type section area. Here you can enter things that you want the computer to insert there, for instance, data, day etc. So, now when you enter the %date, when executed you will see whatever is against the %date in the content section.

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Time Snippets

There are multiple ways to edit the format of both time and date, the first two icons located in the macro bar. All you have to do is the choose the format you want, and the short code will be automatically inserted in the content area.

Creating Clipboard Snippets

If you want to paste anything in the content area that you have copied to the clipboard, simply type %clipboard and it will be automatically replaced by the content available on the clipboard.

If you want to enter in via the marcos bar, you first need to click on keyboard icon and then select Clipboard.

Paste in GIFS

Besides entering plain text in TextExpander, you can also add images. To do so, go to the content section and then switch to Formatted Text. Here look for pictures and click. Then you have to head to the formatting bar, click on the image section and finally choose the GIF that you plan to import. Once done, type the desired abbreviation for the image and you are good to go.

Use Key Presses

You can enjoy snippets simulating key presses for you. Also, inserting tab key at the bottom of the snippet will automatically switch to the next field once you are done filling.

Using Cursor Points for Text Manipulation

You can decide where the cursor should be placed, once the snippet expands. By default, it is at the end, but you can change the position.

Creating Templates using Fill-ins

This is perhaps the most amazing macros in TextExpander, it is perfect for someone who has to mail or do some work that requires very little changes. For instance, you have to send a mail in which the basic information is the same, but you just need to change the recipient’s name, product price or product name. If this is the case, this is perhaps the best thing for you.

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