There is no stopping when everyone is in the competition business of producing mobile phones and making them better from each other and from their previous versions as well. The newer the technology is going to be, the greater hype and response it will get from the public.

HTC has recently introduced a fad that is completely innovative in its own way. HTC U11 Edge sense is the technology that lets you launch an app by squeezing your smartphone on the sides. Yes, that is a thing and HTC is the primary brand using it in its upcoming flagship phone.

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Edge sense‘s basic function is to launch apps when the user squeezes the phone. The squeeze can be either long or short and Edge sense will determine itself what to launch depending on the force of your clutch. It implies that you ca programme Edge sense variably for different apps, say you set a short squeeze for launching the flashlight whereas a long clutch for the launch of Google chrome.

The set up of HTC U11 Edge sense is no big deal and it is easier if you set up the said feature on the very day you start using your new flagship phone. All you have to do is to go to Settings menu and set up the ‘squeeze force level’ as in how soft or hard you will grip the sides of your device. The device will record the pressure of your squeeze thus maintaining it as the desired setting. Once you have recorded the squeeze force level with the phone, you must give it a try by clutching the device and launching an app.

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