Our smartphones are always in need of some cleaning and wiping like any other household item would. The most common issue with slowing down of a device or a certain app is the its cache piling up with loads of files that are automatically saved by the app itself for future reference.

Wipe Cache And Data Of An App In Android Smartphones

An application manager is a default feature in every smartphone and can be readily accessed via Settings menu. This is not the exact and same location for every Android smartphone varies in its design. But the idea is to get to the app manager and get going with the misbehaving apps.

App cache wipe:

As mentioned earlier, cache is where the apps keep storing relevant files and data over the time. This saves you a lot of time because the app won’t be downloading those files every time it needs it or you run the app. This is very helpful but the down side is that it does takes up space in your smartphone memory.

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The biggest reason of lazy devices is that the app cache is almost full and filled with files that are no longer in use without the user even aware of the fact that those files can be removed promptly. All you have to do is tap on the respective app and then tap on ‘Clear cache’ button.

App data wipe:

Wiping an app’s data is different than clearing its cache. Cache wipe only removes files downloaded from the internet and that does not affect any settings. On the other hand, when you wipe the data of an app, it is like you have installed the app for the very first time.

If you have saved games, wiping the data shall take you back to square one and you will have to play the whole game and its levels again. The same way any settings that you might have had will be gone and so will be any saved passwords and logins for any app. So this is a stage where one must tread carefully and must clear the app data if only it is inevitable.

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It takes the same easy steps where you have to tap on the app you want the data of, gone. And then tap on ‘Clear data’ button and it is a renewed app.


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