Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are one of the best flagship smartphones launched so far. Many unique and meticulous features have been introduced in this new device. There have been issues and there will be issues but in all honesty, the gadgets are fabulous nevertheless.

S8/S8+ come with the finger scanner on the back beside the camera which is a new thing and many a users were skeptical or annoyed per say over this change in design. Most of the people find it uneasy to get their index finger at the back of the phone to scan it for unlocking the phone.

The interesting part is, most of the people including our teammates were unaware of the fact that if you keep your finger on the scanner for a little while longer, say three seconds, it would automatically unlock. And that is done without previously waking the phone up.

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We are completely unsure if this were the case with S8’s predecessors or not but we are ceratin that this feature shall be on S8+ too. Normally we have to wake up the phone and then scan our finger to unlock the device. But with this latest flagship phone, all you have to do is to put your designated finger on the scanner for two to four seconds and the smartphone will wake up and unlock itself.

That is one task less where you are not waking your device before unlocking it. Samsung knew the lethargic generation we are and it took great care of it. For who needs to move muscles or do something worthwhile with our limbs.

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