The Pokemon Go craze is still hot and ongoing even after a year of its launch. Pokemon Go is still, and proposes to be for a long time, the most popular game on Android. Niantic Labs keeps coming up with updates with new and exciting features every now and then and it is nothing short of a xmas present for the Pokemon Go fans.

Only recently the Promo Code feature has been announced for the said Android game and it is exclusively for Android at the moment. iOS users need not to lose heart because sooner or later the said feature will become available for iOS too. Promo code will work like any promotional codes where you punch in the code and get discount on articles and/or services.

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The in-game codes will be generated from partnerships and other events between Niantic and various establishments. The players will be able to procure free lucky eggs, poke balls and the like by punching in the generated promo code.

However, Promo codes of any sort are not available at the moment even for Android but Pokemon Go update is due shortly and anytime all sorts of promo codes will have a blitzkrieg on Play store. We are here to give you a before-hand guide on how to use promo codes to get the most out of your next update of Pokemon Go.

How to use Promo codes in Pokemon Go:

1 Latest Pokemon Go version must be installed in your device.

2 Go to Map view after launching Pokemon Go.

3 Tap on the Main menu button and then tap on the ‘Shop’ button.

4 Enter your Promo code in the text field right at the bottom of the screen.

5 Lastly, tap on the ‘Redeem’ button.


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