Recently Apple released iOS 11 in different parts of the world. The more people are upgrading their iOS devices, the more excited they are getting. iOS 11 does come with some interesting and cool updates. One of these updates includes the new iPad Dock. And in this blog post, we bring you short and simple but yet a comprehensive tutorial on how you can use this exciting new feature on any of your iOS device running iOS 11 operating system. 

Once you upgrade your iPad to this latest iOS, we can assure you that your life will revolve all around the new Dock. The upgrade gives you a MAC like Dock, that you can summon from anywhere with just a swipe. This means switching between apps and multitasking has become easier.

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How to Add App Icons to iOS 11 iPad Dock:

You can add a lot more app icons on the iPad Dock on your iPad Pro as compared to the previously. If you are using a 10-inch iPad, you can add up to 13 icons and if it is a 12.9-inch iPad you can add 15 icons. Also, there are three icons for the recent app.

  1. Go to the Home Screen and search for the app you want to add.
  2. Tap and hold the app icon, you don’t have to wait till it jiggles. Simply drag it to the Dock and release your finger.

How to Launch an App in iPad dock:

Swipe from the bottom of the screen to bring forward the Dock. Now tap on any app icon that you want to launch and it will open full screen.

How to Launch apps in Split View

Open the Dock, tap and hold the icon and bring it to the middle of the screen. Then release your finger, a floater of the respective app will be shown over the background app. To move it between left and right edges, use the handler at the top.

How to use Control Center in iPad dock: 

Previously you used to use the Dock gesture to launch Control Center. However, in iOS 11 you would have to swipe from the bottom till the middle of the screen to launch Control Center. Using the old gesture would launch the Dock.

How to disable Recent Apps in iPad dock: 

Go to Settings, General, Multitasking, and Dock and lastly toggle off the Show Suggested and Recent Apps option.

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