PUBG mobile offers the players not only solo gaming but also the teaming up with other members is an experience in itself. The main thing about the team play is that you can not take decisions on your own or be the man of your own desire and play the game as you deem fit. While you are playing in the squad, you will be attacked by enemy squads as well. You will need proper strategies and thoughtful tactics to beat the nemesis tht comes your way. This article will deal with some tips to win in Squad mode in PUBG mobile.

When you are playing PUBG mobile on your own, it is a different story altogether and targeting the enemy and getting him out is not plan simple. Whereas in squad mode where you are playing in a team and on the other hand as well you get to shoot and take out teams collectively, it is easier only if you know the right tricks and moves. Therefore we have compiled this article with amazing tips to win in Squad mode in PUBG mobile and get your squad ready for the highest score you can achieve in this mind blowing game.

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Tips to win in Squad mode:

Below are the tips which surely can help you to win in PUBG mobile’s squad mode.

Tips to win in Squad mode: Sharing the weapons:

When playing in a team, you not only have to think about yourself but also your team mates. Therefore if you are in possession of an AR and an SMG, there is no point in keeping both to yourself while your squad pal is running around carrying a revolver. Today it can be you with all the armory at hand and tomorrow it can be your team mates who carry the heavy weapons whilst you are in need of one yourself. So the best stratagem is to share the weaponry.

Tips to win in Squad mode: Map Markers

Map markers might not be extra useful when you are playing on your own but playing as a team makes it essential for one to use the map markers tactfully. They are best to be used for regrouping at a spot or making a plan where to drop out or making signpost for stopping somewhere. As a team map markers help in keeping the squad together and intact.

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Tips to win in Squad mode: Using the bait:

Specially in the final fight when all the enemy troopers hide in places you can make out, all you need is bait. The best part of playing in a squad is that you do not need external bait but you can always use your team members as bait to get the attention of the enemy. As soon as your team mate would pop up his head from behind a rock the gunfire would be opened from all corners and you can easily make out where the antagonists are taking shelter.

Tips to win in Squad mode: Forming the convoy:

In an ideal situation where the team has to move forward to seek out the enemy and make the kill, there is always a proper way of moving about. One man with gun has to be in the front, one at the back to make sure that nobody follows you from behind and two guards in the centre to keep you safe from sides. In this way you would be safe toroam around the environment and do your thing.

Tips to win in Squad mode: Sticking together:

The players who play in the squad mode know very well that when you are shot by the enemy you can be revived. Being gunned down is not the end of the road unless the enemy makes sure of it by ornamenting you with extra bullets. Your team mates would need to carry you once you are shot and the other way round. You will need to make sure that you do not wander off far from your squad and if in the worst case scenario you do get away from your team, try to catch up with them as soon as possible.

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