Animated emoticons or better known as Animojis are an absolute delight to use. iPhone X has many great features that are actually worth talking about but this article only covers the main attraction of the said smartphone from Cupertino when the iPhone X was being launched. It is pretty safe to say that iPhone X Animojis are hi-fi emojis that uses ultra advance technology of Face ID like sensors and cameras assembled in the iPhone X. The optimum hardware used in the iPhone X is the main reason that none of the previous iPhones like iPhone 7, 7+ or even iPhone 8, 8+ won’t have iPhone X Animojis feature in them.

However, when it comes to Android there are a few apps available on Google play store that would help the user get the feel of what Animojis feel like. The app duplicates the experience of singing and talking animals and other fun things that one could so using the iPhone X Animojis but Animojis on Android won’t be that great of a visual.

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It is not true to say that the apps solely designed replicating the Animojis experience wouldn’t work at all but they won’t give you the results that could be classified as ‘a treat for your eyes and soul’. Apart from that users can have their hands on some cool apps for the animated fun.

Download Animoji for phone X +Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon

This fabulous is available for downloading from Google play store for free and this is not the best part at all. Animoji for phone X is the best app so far that would give you a close feel to the real thing of iPhone X Animojis feature. All you have to do is download and install the said app on your Android and get started right away. When you launch the app you will see, an array of avatars would appear on the screen for you to choose from, on the landing screen.

Not only that but you can swipe to the left to have a look at more avatars available. After you have selected the desired avatar for yourself you will see a bunch of different actions being displayed on the screen like ‘open your mouth’ etc the last thing you will have to do is to click on the camera icon appearing on the screen. The videos that you can make with this app have the maximum length of 10 seconds but some times less is more nevertheless. Nobody claimed that Animoji for phone X is the app that would give you the exact results of iPhone X Animojis but still it is a great app and worth trying for, especially when it is completely free of cost.

Download Animoji Emoji Maker

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Another interesting app that has come quite close to producing results like iPhone X Animojis is the Emoji Maker on Google play store and it is free of cost too. The name of the app is pretty suggestive though but still we will highlight the main features of this cool app. As soon as you download the app from Google play store and launch it on your Android smartphone you will see two options on the landing screen, New Emoji and Popular.

If you are really looking forward to being more creative and fun, you will probably tap on New Emoji and a list of emojis shall appear on the landing screen letting you create your own emoji by modifying each and everything about the emoji. May it be the hair, lips, mouth, eyes, smile or hands, every gesture and feature can be customized and of course this is the very point of tapping on the New Emoji option. 

On the other hand if you choose to ta on the Popular option, you will get to download the built-in emojis or stock emojis already installed in the app and you would be able to use them as you like without any hassle. Although most of the users opt to go for creating their own emojis and customizing them as much as possible but in all honesty, downloading the most popular emojis is a treat in itself as it saves your time and still gets to be funny and titillating. The best part is that the most famous emoji POOP is available in stock emojis and what else could be funnier. This app offers a lot and if not as good as the iPhone X Animojis, it still succeeds in bringing you closer to the actual thing.

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