Google Assistant is the counterpart of Siri, the voice assistant in Apple’s iPhones. On the other hand, Assistant was designed and developed by Google solely for Android devices. The good news here is that Assistant is now available for iPhone users too. If you are in favour of GA instead of the default voice of Siri, you are in for a treat.

The argument has been an antique one that which is better, Siri or GA but the conclusion is still unclear. Every person to its own and that is why GA is now at the disposal of everyone. Android users have this facility as built-in whereas iPhone owners can take advantage of this faculty by using the very famous Activator modifier/tweak and by following our short yet comprehensive guide as to how to use GA instead of Siri in your iPhone.

In order to proceed any further you need to make sure that your iPhone is jailbroken otherwise you ought to jailbreak it and then move ahead with replacing Siri with GA in your smartphone.

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How to use Google Assistant instead of Siri in your iPhone:

1 Firstly you need to download Google Assistant from the App store and the tweak Activator from Cydia.

2 Next launch the Activator app from your Home screen tapping on ‘Anywhere’.

3 Tap on ‘Long hold’ in Home button section and then locate ‘Assistant’ in user applications section and select it. Now press on the ‘i’ next to it selecting the option ‘Open app immediately’.

4 Then revert to the ‘Anywhere’ screen and open ‘Short hold’ this time and then go to ‘System actions’ sections by scrolling down and select ‘Do nothing’.

5 Lastly, go to Settings app and tap on Siri to toggle off for disabling it completely. Home button would launch GA from now on.

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