Keeping yourself up to date regarding the new weaponry in Fortnite is imperative. Recently, a lot of people have been wondering regarding the C4 Remote Explosives in Fortnite. They want to learn how to Use C4 Remote Explosives. So, we are going to talk about precisely this in the article.

Many of us have been hearing the rumors that Fortnite is soon going to get an iOS edition. Until we finally the edition, you can enjoy the game at still going on season 3. You will get constant updates and hacks. If you are an iOS user, until you wait for the game’s mobile edition there is no harm that you start enjoying it on a console or a PC. Especially now when a there are new weapons coming in. C4 Remote Explosives have taken the smoke bombs place. You can easily through them at a distance and wait safely in a place for them to explode. Now that people are waiting around with these kinds of explosives, It is no longer same to build a ceiling or a wall.

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How to Use C4 Remote Explosives   in Fortnite Battle Royale

Like any other Fortnite weapon variety, C4 is also found in the chests. Before you switch to C4 in your inventory, you should learn how to use them. There are ways parts of the detonation process. Some of you might be throwing the C4 where ever they go, but they are unable to see the result. As these remote explosives do nothing except being wasted there. No matter how long you wait, they never actually blow up.

If you have a standard gun after and before detonating C4, you need to hit the left click to fire it.  Some of you might even have to use the right click button on the mouse to detonate it. In case you have changed your weapon after detonating C4, then clicking right is not going to do the trick. Another thing to remember is that these C4 will explode if they take any damage. So, when you try to use them in a place where people are firing heavily, you need to be very careful with them. You might not even know and they explode while you being in the danger zone.

If you right click right before throwing multiple explosives, they will blast in the order you throw them with small intervals. This is perfect if you want a trail of C4 Explosives going on own their own. However, this will alert other players and they might just get out of the safe zone. So, to ensure killing using C4 you will have to plan accordingly. In case you have a precise plan for the target or it is an immobile target, we suggest you do not try this trail explosive method. It is always better to use one at a time at the right place.

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Amount of Damage Caused by C4

The sad part is that the damage caused by C4 isn’t much. It tends to cause around 70 damages to a player which is nothing especially when you target is to kill that particular person. The better use of C4 is in a surprise attack or when you try to take out player built ladder’s base segment. There is very little that it will do in the killing process. We do hope that the new update will increase the overall strength of this explosive, after all, it is an effective and safe way to kill.

If you want to get inside a building asap, using these C4 explosives is the best choice you have. They are very solid when it comes to taking down walls and doors. They can also be a game changer for squads that focus on defending a base or protecting a building instead of coming out into the open to fight.

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