If you have been using Apple Pay for the last couple of years, you will understand how easy and effective that is. All you had to do was double tap on the Home Button and then authenticate using the Touch ID. That is it, you are done. But since iPhone X does not come with a home button as well as Touch ID, what are you to do? There is another way that you can use Apple Pay.

In this short and brief yet a comprehensive article below, we bring you a very easy to do tutorial about how you can use Apple Pay on recently released iPhone X using face ID. There are 3 steps to use Apple Pay on iPhone X. You will have to follow these steps. Below we have explained the 3 steps.

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How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone X using Face ID

Step 1: Double Click the Side Button

First thing first, to instigate the process you will have to double click the Side button. This button is previously known as Sleep/Wake button.

Step 2: Scan Your Face

It is time to Scan your face. When you see the animation on the screen, bring your iPhone X up to your face and it will authenticate with the Face ID.

Step 3: Hold Near Reader

After the authentication is completed, you will see the Hold near Reader text. Now all you have to do is bring your iPhone x closer to the terminal and the payment will be made. In case you there are some extra steps, you will have to proceed on the terminals then.

Change in Pace

If you were using the old Apple Pay method, you will notice the difference in the Pace. We understand that it is going to take some time for you to get a hang of the new method. Previously the authentication of Apple Pay happened using the same gesture, whereas on iPhone X the entire process is divided into two steps. Nonetheless, you will get used to it, once you do it for a couple of times.

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