Apple’s new Clips app is very interesting for video maker lovers. With this app, you can easily create expressive fun videos on your iPhone. This app provides the feature of combining any video clips or photos with music and also can add other graphics like animation or text to your clip video. And you can also share it with your friends via WhatsApp messaging or social networking apps. This app is free to download.

The Apple Clips app is basically iMovie for the mobile users. You can get all the features of Clip app with latest iOS 10.3. With new features, you will be to record, edit and share square clips all from your iPhone. It is the same as you are talking to your mobile screen for 5 seconds. Or it can be like mixing of your voice with some pre- recorded video, with an excellent filter. Animated title card, annotated text of what your speaking and cool stickers can be embedded in the video.

Although Clips is not same as iMovie but it has its own amazing features, Apple is also promoting this as a short fun video creating tool. In this article, you learn how can you create a different video with full fun on iPhone ‘s Clip app.

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How To Use Apple’s Clips App:

Apple Clips is just not an app, it is a complete tool for video making and editing for iPhone. So if you want to create an exciting video on your iPhone then you have to get a strong grip on it. Because doing things on Clips is not simple when it comes to actually making, editing and adding videos, photos, and voice recording.

So before starting Download: Apple Clips on your iPhone.

After opening this app the first thing you see it is called recording view. You can directly start recording a clip. Or you can start a new project – what Apple calls a Video.
From the top toolbar, tap the drop-down icon and select New Video. A project won’t actually start until you record a clip.

How To Record A Video Clip with Clips App:

1- This app has by default front facing camera.You’ll see a preview at the top. Double tap on the preview to zoom in. You can also pinch and zoom.
2- You will find a big honking Hold To Record. Tap it and hold video recording will start. To engage the hands-free recording mode, swipe left after holding the button and you’ll lock it.
3- To switch between the cameras, tap the button on the right side of the shutter button.
4- To mute the voice, tap on the button on the left.

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How To Add A Photo or Media From Library in the Clips App:

Adding a photo in Clips app is a bit difficult because you don’t just click a picture and put it there you need to “add” it to the video. Actually, you are going to make it background on video for a set period of time. But do not worry you can do it just follow the article.
1- This means that you can do voice over, on the photo. Once you’ve taken the photo, tap on Hold To Add this Photo. While doing this, you can zoom into the picture as well.
2- Tap on the Library button, to add a photo or video from the library.
3- After selecting the video you can not add a whole video right there because the video will add in parts.
4- Tap and hold to add the parts of the clip that plays as you tap the button.

How to Add Animated Text in Clips App:

Now you will learn the most exciting feature for both of users, is adding animated Text in your Clip video. This feature is really amazing because it will transcript your voice and put it on the top screen. But you need to speak slowly and with a clear tone.
1- Tap the first, chat bubble button in the toolbar to add animated text on the video.
2- After you tap the annotation button you’ll be able to preview some styles – there are 7 of them.
3- Tap anyone to select it.
4- Tap on hold the action button and start talking.
It is possible that you may not get the right text there but it is easy to go in and fix a typo later. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see previews of different clips. Tap on the clip you just recorded.

How to Add a Filter in Clips App:

The filter has become important for apps. Apple has added Filter in Clips. Tap on the Filters icon in the top toolbar, a grid preview of filters will appear. It has seven filters Ranging from Noir, Fade, Ink, Comic Book, and Chrome. You can add anyone from these filters.

How to Add a Filter in Clips App

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How to Add a Sticker or Emoji in Clips App:

1- Choose the third button on the top toolbar that doesn’t really look like a sticker or an emoji. You will see a list of available stickers and emojis like Nice!, YES!, WOW!, today’s date and so on.
2- Swipe left, to view emojis
3- Tap on the sticker to add it. You can also pinch and zoom it to make it bigger.
4- Use the x icon to remove.

How to Add a Sticker or Emoji in Clips App

How to Add a Title Card in Clips App:

The title card is just an intro or transition card you can put in between the clips. Tap on the app on a clip from the bottom and contextual options for the particular clip will appear. You can save the clip, delete it, mute the volume or trim it. To trim the clip, tap on the scissors icon.

How to Add a Sticker or Emoji in Clips App

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How to trim a clip:

The title card is just an intro or transition card you can put in between the clips.
1- Tap on the app on a clip from the bottom and contextual options for the particular clip will appear. You can save the clip, delete it, mute the volume or trim it. To trim the clip, tap on the scissors icon.
2- Tap on the white line to set the start time.
3- Tap on the play button to preview it, and tap on Apply.
4- The delete option is available on the same page where the trip option shows up, You can also delete it.

How to Trim a Clip

How To Rearrange Clips 

You can see the preview tiles of each recorded clip for video in the bottom. To rearrange them, simply tap and hold on a preview, then swipe left/right, release your finger to drop it there.

How to Add Background Music to a Clip:

You can easily import any music or song from your iPhone Library for you Clips video background. You can also choose one of the built-in scores by choosing Soundtracks.
1- Tap on the music note icon in the top-right. The background applies to the entire video and not a clip.
2- After applying background music now you can preview the video in the Music section.
3- You Can Use Multiple Effects Together you can use filters, emoji effects, and animated text altogether, in one clip. It doesn’t matter if the clip is what you’ve recorded, or imported from the gallery.

How to Share or Save The Video in Clips App:

Tap on the drop-down button and then the Share button, to share your Clip fun video on social networking site or save it to your camera roll. You can also save this video on Dropbox, iCloud Driver. 

Clips also have another exciting feature that the app can analyze the video and match it with any of your friends and family members that are already in your contact book (and presumably, photo library).Shortcuts are also available to send video directly to the people that Apple thinks are in the video.

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Pictures Courtesy: iphonehacks


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