We are going to discuss Samsung Galaxy Note 8 App pairing in this article which has become quite an issue with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users. It has been a while now since the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched. It was bought by millions of people and thankfully no one had the same problem people had with Samsung Note 7 last year. But there have been quite a few issues with the Samsung giant like with every other phone. We recently did an article about some of the common problems of the device and their respective issues.

We have also gave tutorial about download TWRP recovery 3.1.1 which helps the user enjoy the device with full potential.  You can also root your Samsung Note 8 with latest SuperSU to get access with thousands of root apps and mods. Click on this link to read more tutorials about Samsung Note 8 we have done solving many issue with the device. In this article below we are going to give you a tutorial on how you can use Samsung Galaxy Note 8 App pairing feature. 

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you need to enjoy one of its most helpful feature, Split Screen View. But we are not here to talk about it, we are going to tell you about how to take advantage of Split Screen View.

No longer do you have to go through the hassle of manually selecting apps every time. On the contrary, there is a way that you can pair your apps like you do. So, to Samsung has come up with App Pairing. The question is what is app pairing and how to use it.

How to set up Samsung Galaxy Note 8 App pairing:

This is a shortcut to multi-tasking, first, you need to set up the shortcut. Start with dragging the apps edge out and then choosing the “+” sign to add a shortcut. An extensive menu will come forward, from there choose to Create App Pair. Now select the apps that you want to pair. Lastly, tap on Done. Head back home and tap on the Apps Edge there you will the new shortcut. Tap on the shortcut and the apps will launch in the Split View.

That is it, you can pair your favorite Apps together anytime you want on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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