Jetpacks are a real thing now in Fortnite since their debut teaser in February and then they were never shown or added in the game uptil now and it is a treat for both seasoned and amateur players. Everyone knows or at least would have a vague idea of what a jetpack does. Yes, it throws you high in the air and what could be a better feeling than flying. There is no doubt in saying that noobs won’t get the hang of Jetpacks in Fortnite because of the control that you need to master in order to fire and aim while in the air but it still is an adventuresome addition to the game.

You have more chance at using a jetpack in the beginning of a level because the moment you are going to be up in the air, opponents will see you and try to take you down. You can loot backpacks now with the introduction of jetpacks by grabbing the backpack from the treasure chest or simply looting it from the ground and equipping the jetpack. All you need to go higher and fired up in the air is hit aim or click jump and your work is done. You will notice a green boost bar icon to show your health because when you come down, you will come down hard with a thud and it would most definitely damage your health. Jetpacks in Fortnite are not that bad of a feature if you are wondering, you can always recharge while you are on the ground.

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Firing is also not a problem while you are boosting so that base is also covered. The hindrance is with aiming, because all the time that you will take in boosting your jetpack, you won;t be able to take aim but can fire alright. Hence the shotguns and hand grenades and whatnot that has been paired with the Jetpacks in Fortnite to increase the overall experience of the players.


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