People around the world have waited for this phone, especially when Samsung discontinued their previous flagship device Note 7 due to the battery issues. Meanwhile, they did introduce other phones such as Samsung S8, which we can assure you isn’t going to come cheap. However, for people who want bigger screens, the wait is over. They can enjoy their new and amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And in this tutorial we’ll explain how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Most of you are going to get the phone with two-year contract. This means you won’t be able to use any carrier besides the one you got your phone from. However, you don’t have to worry about it. We have come up with different solutions that will let you unlock  Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with ease.

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Pay to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

The most common, easy and effective way to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is buying an Unlock Code. Below we have listed the steps that you need to follow to buy an unlock code.

Search a third-party code provider

Doing a quick search on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be helpful. There are few websites that can provide you with the code, but be careful as some of these websites are plain scam and nothing more.

UnlockUnit and UnlockScope are the two most trustworthy websites for an unlock code. You can use anyone of these to get a code.

Place an Order

Choose the brand and make of your phone, in this case, it is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from the drop-down menu. Once done, then full in the form with the required details. Below we have listed the things that you would need.

  1. Get an IMEI number. You can get this by dialing *#06#.
  2. Name of the country and network in which your phone is locked.
  3. A valid email address.

After completing the forum, select the payment mode and head to the payment section.

Note: You can place this order from your phone or via UnlockScope’s Samsung App.

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Receive the Code and Insert it

If you have followed the above steps, you will get an unlock code within an hour via your email. Now to insert this card into your phone. To do so,

  1. Turn your phone off, and take out the SIM that you have inserted.
  2. Now enter the SIM of the network that is not supported.
  3. Wait until you see “SIM Network Unlock Pin” message.
  4. Enter the Pin code that you got via email and hit on Unlock option.

That is it, you have successfully unlocked your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Note: Paid unlock methods works form all most all GSM networks except T-mobile as they use an app instead of a code to unlock.

This does not mean that you cannot unlock it, follow the steps below to unlock T-mobile network phones.

  1. Ensure that the phone is in the as unlock/eligible device in T-Mobile database. This important when using the app.
  2. Place order the code on one of the websites mentioned above and wait for the email that confirms that the phone’s status has been changed.
  3. Now turn off your phone, insert the T-Mobile SIM and turn it back on.
  4. Enable the Wi-Fi.
  5. Launch the device unlock app, tap Continue and permanent unlock option. After a short while, you will reboot and it will be a free phone.

Free Unlocking

There is no guarantee that these methods will work, but there is no harm in giving it shot.

First, we suggest you call your carrier provides and ask them for an unlock code. But before this ensure that your bills are paid on time and you have made the full payment of your phone.

The second method is that you boot your to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8, however, this is a risky method and only a professional can do it. We suggest you do not try, but flashing a custom firmware will unlock your phone.

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