If you are looking for ways to unlock more stars on Mario Kart Tour, you are for a treat. Of course, we know that fishing is not difficult; however, getting all 5 stars can be troublesome. To ensure that you get 5 stars in the game, you need to have all the right driver combos.

You can access tour gifts, and enjoy a variety of courses to play, only if you are able to unlock more stars in the game. So, to ensure that you can enjoy the game to its fullest, below are some effective tips to get 5 stars on every course.

These tips will teach you the basics, and once you know the basics, you can easily get 5 stars in every course. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

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Earn More Stars in Mario Kart: Know the Basics

Try to get the right driver, hope for a preferred driver, gilder or kart for any course in the game.

Getting the stars to help you start with more points. In addition, you can enjoy three items per item box. Lastly, you get a multiplier on all the points that you have gained during the match.

To get a lot of bonus points, you need to do as many actions as you can in the game.

You might not be able to control the 2 item frenzy, however, the good thing is that you have complete control of your actions. More actions mean you move closer to achieving the required point to earn five stars.

You can find out all the actions you did and the number of points you gained due to these activities after the level. Nonetheless, below are some of the most important action that will give you a higher number of points.

Off-road jump boosts: You should always keep your eyes open for any additional off-road jump boosts. You need the mushroom in order to access these boosts and launch off the track.

Slipstream: In case you are unable to get ahead of the driver, and you don’t even have items, we recommend you do a slipstream. It will help you gain some bonus points.

Mini Turbo Boosts: When a curve is near, perform a mini turbo boost. This is an excellent trick to get close to earning more points for 5 stars. You can increase the points, by holding the boost for some time so that it turns into a drift.

Rocket Start: To have a rocket start, simply tap on the screen when you see the countdown number “2”.


Performing several actions one after the other, helps you gain more bonus points. When you fire off your item right before or after hitting the jump boosts, it maximizes the score. In addition, make sure that you run through as many coins as possible. After all, coins are a great source of additional points.

The sad news is that you cannot always get the preferred driver due to the randomized Gacha system. So, you need to know about other means to hit the max numbers of stars.

In order to get more stars in Mario Kart Tour, you need to complete tour challenges. You tend to get 2 of these every week. Another way to unlock more stars is to have month Gold Pass, you can buy it for $4.99. The Gold Pass lets you get more than two boards of challenges for every tour.

These challenges are of different types, you might have to perform 150 mini turbo boosts, or you might have to land three hits with some specific items. Sometimes the players may be required to earn a score of 6,000 or high using a specific driver.

When you complete all challenges on the challenge board, you need to earn more points as you then get a bingo. You can actually buy Karts drivers and gliders with the coins, therefore, it is imperative to have these coins.

For now, that is all we know on how to get enjoy more stars in Mario Kart Tour. If we learn something else, we will update you.

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