YouTube, the famous video website has finally gotten a Dark Mode for their mobile app. However, there is one problem; the mode is currently available for the iOS devices. The android users will have to hold their horses, but this does not mean they won’t get it. They will in some time, however, if you do not want to wait that long you can easily enable YouTube dark mode on your android phone. All thanks to the Android community, you can enable YouTube dark mode right now. All you need is root access on your Android device.

The reason root access is imperative is that you will have to edit the values in the shared-prefs in/ data. You will only be able to enjoy the dark mode if your device is rooted. In case your device is rooted, you will need the preference manager app along with the YouTube app.

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How to turn on YouTube dark mode:

Below are the steps that will help you enable YouTube Dark Mode on your smartphone.

  1. First thing first, you will have to download Preferences Manager.
  2. Now look for YouTube on the list.
  3. After you find it, open YouTube.xml
  4. Look for the Dark
  5. Finally, change the values from false to true.

    In case you don’t see the value, simply add them (theme_dark_app and theme_dark_watch_panel) also change the value to true.

  1. Save the changes and force close the app.

Now when you will re-launch the app, you will see that the Dark mode is enabled. The app will have a gray and white background. This is something really cool and we have in great debt of XDA member to send us this method. We are sure that once you enable this feature, you will love all that it offers. In addition, change is always good.

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