Along with a new mobile, apart from the fact how big the company is, come the little errors and issues of it. So they did with Samsung S8 and S8 plus. There have been numerous issues and fixes for S8 & S8 plus, most of them were solved by our hard working and industrious team AndroidiOSPack. Including “DQA keep stopping issue”  which was one of the first and most common issue users faced in S8 and S8 plus. And Samsung had to release an APK to solve the DQA issue after a while. 

Delayed push notification was another issue which we solved here on our blog. Check fixes of various issues on Samsung S8 and S8 Plus by clicking here. But right now we are going to tell you how to Enable your Samsung S8/S8 plus’s full screen apps option. 

There are some apps on your Android store which are not compatible enough with the giant 6.2 or 5.8 inch size of screen and that goes for all bigger sized smartphones. Enabling full screen app is a feature in Samsung S8 in which you will be able to view and use specific apps you have selected or which are not compatible for full screen viewing on your mobile screen. 

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How to Enable Full screen in Samsung S8 Devices:

Step 1- Go to your S8 Settings and tap on display option.

Step 2- You should be able to locate option “Full Screen App” in display option.

Step 3- Just slide the little bars towards right in front of all the apps you want to view in full screen.

Samsung S8 full screen Samsung Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 Samsung s8 enable all app option

Now you all your apps which you have selected to in full screen would be covered on whole screen of your Samsung S8 and S8 plus.

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