Public events are now better than ever thanks to Destiny 2, the map now displays active and upcoming events that appear more frequently.Heroic versions of public events that give better rewards and potentially even exotic engrams are available. To start the heroic version, each public event has a specific mechanic you must complete. Instructions for these are not present. Hence, to your benefit they have been outlined.


Three force fields exist for this public event that protect scorch cannons, a bunch of fallen enemies, and a walker tank that drops in eventually.

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In order to expose the core a leg on the tank must be destroyed. You will notice round charges falling that can be picked up. The charges will then have to be taken to the force fields and placed in the machines next to them. Charges must be placed within the two locations allocated to each force field, for a total of six charges needed.

“Joined Heroic Public Event” is seen at the top of the screen when all three are down. A second walker tank is added by the heroic version, but the scorch cannons can be used to destroy them both.


Groups of fallen are in this public event that spawn near a glimmer mine, these marked enemies must be destroyed, then wait for them to move to a new location.

Smaller glimmer nodes can be seen near each mine that you can shoot. Damage will be noticed if you are shooting the right types. In order to activate the heroic version three in total must be destroy. After this is done, until the pile gets to 100 you must stay in the huge glimmer pile.


The destruction of the huge servitor that spawns is required in this event.

A big servitor is seen coming out while being assisted by the smaller ones. The smaller ones will have to be destroyed in order for you to join the Heroic version of this public event. In addition to this the big servitor becomes much harder to kill.


You must kill 2 wizards in this episode. Initially these wizards have a white shield around them and are immune. Standing on the hive plates, one on each side, until they fully glow allows you to take this off.
Upon achieving this, you can damage them normally as the shield tends to go away.

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On killing the wizards, before the surfacing of the final master from the huge portal, a short period of time is given. Upon looking at the portal on each side of it you will notice safeguarded crystals one on each side.
Like when you fought the wizards, you’ll have to stand on the plates again. If the destruction of these crystals is done swiftly, you will join a heroic version of which to complete it you will have to kill a harder enemy.


Before you finally fail ten chances are granted to you in this event. The Vex will make an effort to sacrifice themselves on a pillar of light in this event. Within the given time you must kill any vex that get near the pillar before it is absorbed into it.

To start a progress bar you will have to stand on the 3 vex plates within the area. To activate the heroic version each bar must be filled to a 100 percent.
But you will also have to make sure the vex don’t sacrifice themselves. In one of the trials were this was done with 6 sacrifices remaining the Heroic still didn’t activate. In another which was done with 8 it did work. Supposing this does happen to you, then there is need for you to stop any vex from making it through.


A bunch of Taken are generated in this event for you to kill and a Huge Blight that you cannot damage headmost. All the Taken must be killed including the small Blights that spawn.

Walking in and out of the small Blights gets you a buff that allows you to damage the big Blight. As soon as the big Blight is damaged, an enemy called the “Blightmaker” will be spawned. This starts up the Heroic version and to be complete it this enemy must be killed.


For the boss to appear in this public event 3 psions will have to be killed under the dome in the injection rig.

The killing of the psion renders the vents on the injection rig vulnerable. A total of 3 will have to be destroyed after each psion is killed in order to activate the Heroic version. This will spawn a harder boss for you to kill.


In this public event you are required to stand in an area were extraction is being done by a cabal machine until you reach a 100 percent. Survival from enemies and area attack is essential while doing this.

A cabal Thresher Ship periodically attacks you during this event. The Heroic version is activated once you obliterate the ship and to complete it you must kill the Cabal Extraction Valus enemy that is spawned.

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