The iPhone and Mac users have the best arrangement when it comes to sending and receiving text messages as they can easily use iMessage on Mac. This makes it easy in the way that you are not bound to keep your iPhone with you at all times. Mostly the users are happy with iMessage on Mac because they can out their iPhone on charging but still can send and receive text messages.

The downside of this feature is that once you have logged into iMessage on your Mac, you will continually get notifications about new messages which can be a nuisance in itself. Every time is not a great time for receiving notifications on your laptop especially if you are at work or in a meeting or watching a film.

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The solution to this problem is not a complicated one. You can easily grab the issue by its horns either by turning off notifications on your Mac altogether or enable ‘Do not disturb’ mode on your laptop as it automatically silences the iMessage notifications. Both the solutions are easy to perform and this is how you can do it.

How to turn off iMessage notification on Mac:

Step 1- Turn on you Mac and select System Preferences from the menu bar. 

Step 2- Click Notification once you are in system preferences. 

Mac apple do not disturb mode on mac apple steve jobs mac tutorial iMessage disable

Step 3- Look for Message options from the list of apps showing on your screen.

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Step 4- In message alert style Select option “None” 

Mac apple do not disturb mode on mac apple steve jobs mac tutorial

That’s it. It was this quick and simple to disable your iMessages notification alert on your Mac computer. 

How to enable ‘Do not disturb’ mode on Mac:

Step 1- Go to your Mac’s Notification Center.

Step 2- Open Today Tab.

Step 3- Look for “Do Not Disturb” toggle on top of the page. It should be turned off.

Mac apple do not disturb mode on mac apple steve jobs mac tutorial

Step 4- Slide it towards your right to turn it on and you will have the “do not disturb” mode on for you Mac.

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