This article is about disabling the auto brightness in iOS 11. Auto brightness in iOS 10 was a fixture of display and brightness section. Often, auto brightness went crazy and it is then when you take things in your hand. In iOS 10, it was pretty easy to disable auto brightness, but in iOS 11 Apple has shifted auto brightness to accessibility section.

Making it difficult for you to access it and disable it, however, you can still adjust the brightness level from the new control center. Apple has made another change, i.e. once the environment changes, the auto-brightness feature will kick in. It will override your manual brightness level.

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Since Apple is strong discouraging users for disabling the brightness feature, that is they have buried it deep within the accessibility section. They even now give warning “Turning off auto-brightness may affect your battery life. Apple has come up with smart figures and enough data to fight out the appropriate display that is needed for every possible scenario.  This all in done in such a way you’re your device does end up saving some battery life.

How to Turn Off Auto Brightness in iOS 11 

  1. Open Settings, and then go to General.
  2. Now look for Accessibility and tap on it.
  3. Then search for Display Accommodations and tap on it.
  4. Once you have reached here, look for Auto-Brightness option and turn it off.

We do recommend that you use the auto brightness feature, as it does help you save battery life. Reason being there are places where you need a brighter screen, and there are places where less light is required. Therefore, it is best to let the auto brightness decide the display brightness for you. It will increase brightness when you need it and vice versa. This will save you battery as the brightness level of your phone will not be high in every possible scenario.

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