Among all the fabulous features of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ the TouchWiz icons are a charm to look at but there is a thorn with this rose too. Samsung has taken no botheration to customise icons for all the apps available on Playstore. A frame is added on every app to make it look as closer to Samsung apps as possible.

Samsung’s icons are quite eye-catching but many users prefer to have the apps as they are meant to be. Thee frame adding option is on by default but it is possible to turn it off in case you are one of the naturals. It is handy to know how to turn off and on an option and you will never be bored with your Android.

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How to turn icon frames on and off:

1 Swipe down the notification shade and tap on the gear icon on top right.

2 On ‘Settings’ screen scroll down to ‘Display’ option and tap on it.

3 scroll down to ‘Icon frames’ and tap on it.

4 Select ‘Icons only’ and it is done.

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