Transfer Media Files And Data From Android To IPhone

Whenever you switch to another phone the first thing which comes in your mind is your all data which includes emails, photos and videos, documents and contacts which you want in your new device. It is not difficult with iPhone because with some apps (including Apple ‘s own ), you will be able to transfer your all data wirelessly.

How to Transfer Google Account Details Using Move to iOS:

You just need to download Apple’s Move to iOS app to transfer your data to your new iPhone, iPad device. You can easily download this app from Google play. But the only problem is that is not suitable for large data like gigabytes of photos and videos. But you can quickly import your Gmail account along with your contacts and email details.
You can only do this when setting up your iPhone from scratch.
Select “Transfer from Android” from the Apps and Data page, and just follow the instructions on the screen.
Select only Google Account, when it prompt what data you want to sync. The feature also works for apps if the same apps are available on App store, iOS will queue them up for download.
You can do the same thing, just Go to Settings > Mail >Add account and login in with your Google account.
Enabled the Sync option for Email, contact, and Calendar.

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How to Transfer Photos and Videos from Android to iPhone:

You can also use iTunes to transfer your photos and videos data from your device to PC and can use it in your new iPhone.
Open iTunes >drag in the photos and videos in question and when syncing your iPhone, make sure you select them from the respective menus.
But if you don’t want use iTunes, you can also use an app like SHAREit.
Download and Open the app on your both devices Android and iPhone using the same network.
Select the photos and videos from the devices section, select your iPhone. The sync might take a long time, depending on the size of your data.
Once it’s done, the all images and videos will available in your iPhone Camera Roll in the Photos app.

How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone:

transferring of your music to new iPhone Music app not as simple as like pictures. If you use an app like SHAREit to transfer music to your iPhone, it won’t show up or play in the default Music app.
For this, you have to use iTunes to sync it from a PC.
Connect your Android phone to PC or Mac(on Mac, use Android File Transfer).
Drag in all your music to iTunes.
Connect your iPhone to the PC, start iTunes and enable the sync.
Go to the Music section and Enabled “Music Syncing option”.
Once the music is synced, it should all show up in the Music app on your iPhone.

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How to Transfer Movies from Android to iPhone:

Android encoded MP4 movies app will not play in iPhone ‘s Videos app. But VLC app for iOS can run. But there’s no simple way of getting the movies from VLC for Android to VLC for iOS.
First, copy the movie files over to your PC or Mac (using Android File Transfer).
Open the VLC app on your iOS device.
Tap on the sidebar and select Sharing via WiFi.
your iOS device and PC should be on the same network.
Go to PC>Open the latest browser like Chrome and the URL that VLC gives you. From here, add the movie files you wanted to transfer. Wait a while and they’ll be synced to your iPhone or iPad wirelessly.
You can also use cloud storage open for easiness.

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