Apple has done it again, they have come up with something out of the box. They have taken the authentication feature to a whole new level, no longer do they need your touch id to authenticate the phone. All you have to do is lift your phone up and it will open for you. Face ID is the Apple new bio metric authentication system that they incorporated in their upcoming flagship device, the iPhone X. It is a system that will be replacing the previous Touch ID system with old iPhones. The Face ID system is designed to work seamlessly on the new iPhone X. All you have to do is pick your phone up, the device will authenticate your phone and it will open the phone. There is a way to temporarily disable Face ID feature on your phone.

Apple has promised that only one out of million can unlock your phone, but some of the users are still concerned about the privacy issue. If that is the case, they can always disable the Face Id authentication feature on their phone. If you do not want to permanently turn the feature off, you can disable it temporarily.

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Some of you might think that disabling the Face ID feature on your all-new iPhone X is not possible, but it is. After all, there is the code to unlock feature present. You can use that to unlock your phone. In this article, we will be teaching you how to temporary disable Face ID feature on your iPhone X.

How to Temporarily Disable Face ID on your All-New iPhone X

All you have to do is press the Side button along with the Volume Down and Volume Up button at the same time to disable the Face ID. You might have to press just three buttons to disable the feature, but you have to do it right. Grip the top half of your iPhone X and then squeeze the top and press the three buttons together.

This feature is very usefully, especially when you believe that someone might forcefully authenticate your phone using the Face ID. Before something goes wrong, hold the phone from the top and press the three buttons together. This will temporarily disable Face ID on your iPhone X.

Using Emergency SOS Method to Disable Face ID on iPhone X

iPhone 8’s Emergency SOS method also works on iPhone X. To temporary disable Face ID, all you have to do is press the Side button 5 times in a row and once you see the Emergency SOS and Medial ID, tap on Cancel. Doing this will disable the Face Authentication feature.

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