‘Always On’ screen display option is quite handy in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones where you don’t have to turn the whole screen on just to look at the time or see how many notifications you have got. Even when the display is off it isn’t really off and still offers you the essentials.

However this already fabulous feature gets more fantastic once you get your hands on customising the said specification. Android, altogether, offers you customised OS and much more but here we are going to discuss only one feature which is solely relevant to the new flagship smartphone from Samsung.

How to customise Always On screen display:

Step 1 Go to Settings >> Lock screen and security >> Always on display.

Step 2 Choose from six varying clock styles with their previews available as to how each one of them will look like.

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Step 3 Customisation screen will be launched where you can tweak different aspects like colour, background and clock style.

Step 4 Buttons are available at the bottom of the editor for different options while for extra options you may can swipe to the left of the screen.

Step 5 After choosing your desired options and settings click on ‘Apply’ at the top of the screen.

Step 6 In order to schedule your Always On display option stay in Always On display settings and turn off the ‘Show always’ toggle.

Step 7 Tap on ‘Set schedule’ for when you want the Always On display option to be enabled, may it be morning hours, afternoon or at night.

Step 8 Scroll up the desired start time and then tap ‘End’. Next scroll to the desired end time and press ‘OK’ for scheduling the Always On screen display option.


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