Samsung S8 And S8 Plus From Restarting

Samsung Galaxy just came into market a week ago and there have been few complaints already about the new flagship by Samsung. Earlier there was an issue of red tint of its screen, then there came the DQA keep stopping error. Now the latest issue people are facing with this new mobile phone is the restarting of the handset on its own. The complaints have been seen on America’s Samsung community forum and XDA forum. The person who had lodged the message initially claims that his handset had started seven times in the first ten hours of its purchase.

The problem is persistence and has not been able to get a permanent solution. For the time being only fix that has so far surfaced is to remove the microSD card. The restarting issue is similar for the users of Galaxy S8+. The taking out of the microSD card is only temporary but it has made the users relaxed for now. 

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The restarting of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is unusual because it is not queer otherwise for new devices to restart themselves during bug fixes and updates. But with S8 and the twin this is happening way more than it should. The removing of the microSD card is a purely user invented solution which has nothing to do with the Samsung company. With all the fuss that this issue is creating, we are very much hoping to hear and see a proper and official solution for the above discussed problem.


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