With the development of technology, everything has been transformed. Mobile phones were introduced as a device through which you can communicate when the need arises. Now, they have become more of mini-computers. Same is the case with mobile carriers, initially, they provided limited coverage with very low or no internet. Then came the era of Edge, and later 3G.

The advance the technology became, the better internet speed we were offered. At the moment, most of us are using 4G and LTE. You can find 4G coverage in almost everywhere, but there are certain places such as rural area, where 3G would be your best friend. Since our expectations for the internet has changed, therefore, we believe that 3G can’t match the pace. But, you don’t have to worry. We did manage to come up with a solution that you let you speed your 3G connection.

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Speed Up Your 3G Connection

Below we have listed some helpful tweaks that you allow you to increase your 3G speed. By increased speed, we do not mean that it will be as fast as 4G and LTE, but it will for sure make browsing a little less painful. So, let’s get started!

Opera Max

This is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to take full control of their data usage and maximize their browsing speed. The app was designed keeping in mind crowded Wi-Fi networks. So, we are pretty sure that using this app on your 3G will give the speed you are looking for as it actively optimizes streaming content.

Facebook Lite

Facebook is one of the worst enemies of your cellular data. Despite eating up app your data, Facebook also drains your phone’s battery. But there is a remedy to this, you can Switch to Facebook Lite. It is an app designed for those people who don’t have access to fast internet, yet they want to enjoy Facebook experience.

Disabling images in your browser

Browsing would fast and efficient if there are no images to be loaded. If you are having trouble doing browsing on 3G, we suggest you enable the browsers Text Only mode. Not every browser supports this feature, but you can always check in the Setting. Enabling the Text Only mode is bound to boost your browsing speed.

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Find a good web browser

Chrome is a popular and great browser, with its ability to sync data between devices, save passwords, bookmarks and much more. However, with it comes to slow internet speed, we believe Opera Max to be a better browser, it is designed to work efficiently with slow internet speed. Just give it a shot and we will be amazed by the difference it will make.

Clear your Cache

Despite trying all the above methods, you are still facing the problem of slow browsing, it is time for you to clear your cache. There is always a chance that the problem lies with your device rather than your network. To clear cache, go to the Setting > application and select that apps whose cache you want to clear.

Uninstall Memory Hogging apps

Sometimes the memory hogging apps along with widgets are the reason behind the phone’s sluggishness. For better and faster experience, we suggest you uninstall the unused memory hogging apps along with disabling unused widgets.

Change preferred Network Mode

If you have tried everything above and nothing seems to work, it is time for you to play around with the network mode. An important thing to remember is that the location of this setting varies from device to device, but you can find it under setting and network connectivity.

2G is  GSM, 3G is WCDMA and the default settings is GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto, meaning which every network is fastest, your phone will automatically shift to that. In certain areas, 4G might be available, but the signals aren’t that good. Whereas 3G is better in that area, so you should use that. The best way to go about is trying out each network individually and finding the ideal for that area.

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