There are multiple ways in which you can save the battery of your mobile phone. Although the 3300mAH battery of LG G6 is good enough for you on an average day, but we do not use the same amount of phone each day. Therefore, it has become a must to learn how to save battery when you are running low on power. Since LG G6 no longer offers replaceable battery, following these tips and tricks have become more important. So, let’s get started!

Solve LG G6 Battery Life Problem Using These Tips

Battery Hungry Apps

There are a number of apps that really drain away all your battery, you need to find them and stop them. To locate those apps, open Settings, from there you need to look for the Battery & Power Saving option. Tap on it and then tap on Battery usage. Here you will see a list of apps with the amount of battery each drained. Just force stop the ones that are eating away most of your battery. Social website are often on top, you just need to force close them when you are not using them.

LG G6 how to turotial LG G6 tutorial LG tutorial

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Disable Uninstall or unused Bloatware

There are a number of apps that come pre-installed, we must say they are a headache. You might not be able to control all of them, but you can still manage to uninstall some of them. There is always a chance that these pre-installed apps wake up during the day and consume some of your phone’s battery life.

Go to Setting>App, a list containing all apps will be displayed on the screen. Scroll through it, install apps that you don’t want and if you are unable to install, you can always disable them. This will not allow these apps to wake up on their own and use your battery life.

If you are not sure what a particular app is, disable it, and in case you face trouble with any other app of yours, be sure to get back and enable it right away.

LG G6 how to turotial LG G6 tutorial LG tutorial

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Turn of unused Radios

When you are not using your internet, we suggest that you turn off the Wi-Fi, it will save you some battery life. Same is the cause with Bluetooth, if it is not being used, you simply switch it off. Both these radios do tend to eat away some of your phone’s battery life.

Your phone also uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for locating your phone, it combines both these radios along with GPS and network Triangulation. This does drain a massive chuck of your mobile battery life. You can keep the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on for your personal use, but prevent your phone from using it, to do so, go to Setting> location> Overflow menu and then tap on Scanning that is located at the top-right corner. Now uncheck Bluetooth scanning and Wi-Fi scanning.

LG G6 how to turotial LG G6 tutorial LG tutorial

Quick Charge

If you are running short on time, you should take advantage of quick charge. Your phone gets charge 1% in less than a minutes, this means it will be fully changed in half an hour or so. So, just plug in Quick Charge 3.0 and enjoy fast recharge in less time.

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Make changes to display settings

You should make some changes to your display setting such as lower brightness, turn of the always on display option, and enable the screen timeout option. Make sure that your screen timeout option is as minimum as possible.

Turn off automatic updates

If you want to save some battery life, you need to turn off the automatic updates from Google store. If the auto-update option is enabled, the phone will automatically check for the update and start downloading it, regardless how low you are running on the battery. So, to save both battery life and cellular data, we suggest you turn off this option.

Configure Battery Saver Mode

You can turn on the battery saver mode at 5% to 15%. Doing it at 15% is better as you get the time to recharge your phone. In LG G6, you can set the option of automatically enabling the power saving mode when the phone battery reaches 15 percent or below. You can immediately enable the power saving from by using the notification quick settings.

LG G6 how to turotial LG G6 tutorial LG tutorial

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